Project Category
Project Category
Environmental research
Project Description
Project Description
The goal of the project is to" demonstrate the effectiveness and relevance of using artistic productions as media to increase awareness of global enviornmental issues (with a focus on climate change), of their relevance to community needs and conditions, and of the ways in which communities can and should respond". The objectives are to; "(i) develop an environmental message (with a focus on climate change) that is relevant to the culture, experiences and priorities of people in the targeted coastal community of Laborie; (ii) express that message in artistic media that are attractive, culturllay relevant, and entertaining; (iii) disseminate the message using established channels of communications for the artisitic media selected; (iv) test and demonstrate the artistic and economic potential of artisitc productions that are culturally relevant and aim at conveying critical environmental messages; and (v) extract and share lessons, methods and pathways arising from this experience in environmental communications using artistic productions". To achieve this goal and objectives the grantee will implement fourteen activities as follows: (i) Commissioning and conducting a baselins survey; (ii) Compilation of critlcal messages; (iii) Constititioan of an independent jury panel; (iv) Formulation of TORs for artistic director; (v) Commissioning of a cultural performance; (vi) Commissioning of a 26 minute documentary based on the performance; (vii) Staging of a 45 minute performance on two occassions during Jazz 2013; (viii) Distribution and promotion of the 26 minute doumentary; (ix) Promotion of the performance with other audiences; (x) Dissemination of the 26 minute documentary through the SGP system; (xi) Development and circulation of a presentation of the performance to agenceis and producers in the region; (xii) Maintenance of all records of bookings; (xiii) Conduct a survey of perceptions of awareness; and (xiv) Preparation of a short case study for dissemination.
Saint Lucia
Our Reference Number
Our Reference Number
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