Project Category
Project Category
Water resources policy and administrative management
Project Description
Project Description
The project aims to reduce stress on the Indus delta water body through successful demonstration of sustainable water use and improved sanitation practices in the coastal communities of Thatta district. Wastewater disposal has been a major major issue of Keti Bundar Town. The town is surrounded by the Arabian Sea from three sides. The natural ground level in parts of the town is below the normal sea level and during high tides the difference in level rises upto 5 high. The town is protected by a bund against the seawater constructed by the Government. Four outlets have been provided in the western side of the town for the disposal of communal wastewater and rainwater to the sea. These outlets work only during low tides when the water level in the sea is lower then the ground level of the town. No proper waste disposal system is available. The wastewater from the community houses is let flow into the streets that form seas pools in depressions and open grounds breeding mosquitoes. Cacoos is the traditional toilet used by 95% households. Its a bucket type toilet but without the bucket. The structure consists of a raised wooden platform with a hole in the middle for the release of excreta and urine. The excreta is let dumped below/under this platform and with the increasing quantity it would start spreading around the Cacoos. This human waste is never removed and it dries through natural process and gradually becomes part of the soil. One can sea the human excreta everywhere in the form of piles and dumps around the houses in Keti Bundar. Barefoot man, women and children walking in the same area and chickens and dogs browsing on these piles of human excreta is a common sight. It is only the heavy rain that would remove the excreta partially and is disposed to the sea through the outlets without any treatment. A few houses have installed pour flush latrines, which again have no disposal system. The excreta mixed wastewater from these toilets is flushed into the streets openly and finally disposed to the sea without treatment. This situation caused various environmental and health issues. Cases of water born diseases such as diarrhea, malaria, tuberculosis, cholera, Eye and skin diseases are common diseases in the area. The project would demonstrate methodology, technologies and practices for addressing problems associated with water use, wastewater treatment disposal and sanitation problems by developing community managed wastewater disposal system (linking wastewater re-use for plantation activities), street drainage channels, demonstration of living environemnt improvement products, capacity building at community level of individuals, CBOs/NGOs, and by supporting sharing of experience through exchange visits, networking and promotional activities.
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Our Reference Number
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