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Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
Phnom Toap Cheang CF over 3,064 ha forest was established in 2003 in Dang Peng commune, Sre Ambel district, Koh Kong province. Prior to 1970s the forest here was categorised as evergreen and was dominant with highly valuable tropical hard woods such as Pjek, Sokram, Cheuteal, Pdiek, Dong chem, Rosewood, Beng, Neang Nuon, etc. From after 1980 local villagers felled down the trees and harvested NTFPs to support their livelihood thus severe damaged and degraded the forest. CF here was established and registered with MAFF through a Prakas # 486 dated 19 November 2008 and an agreement was entered into between the CF and Koh Kong FA Cantonment on 13th December 2010. With its establishment the CF has commitments to protect and use forest resource here on a sustainable manner through development of a CF management plan recognised by FA. However, since then the CF has never been able to sustainably manage the forest due to various challenges as below: limited knowledge by the CF members; Lack of clear boundary; Lack of a functional management plan; Illegal forest offenses have been frequently taking place; CF members face challenges with their livelihood Lack of fund to support CF activities; and Some CF members lack understanding of the benefits of CF. Goal: Phnom Toap Cheang CF has adequate capacity to manage and use forest resources in the CF area on a sustainable manner to support their local livelihood. Objective 1: By 2015 Phnom Toap Cheang CF has the necessary capacity to manage and use resources in the CF area sustainably. Objective 2: By 2015 165 HHs of the CF have improved livelihood through development of cow bank and collection of wild honey bees, rattans and other NTFPs. The expected outputs from the project are as follows: 1.1 Boundary of Toap Cheang CF area demarcated; 1.2 A CF management plan is in place and recognised by FA; 1.3 5,000 rattans of various species planted in degraded areas within the CF; 1.4 3,046 ha forest effectively protected and conserved; 1.5 Seven members, 3 women, of the CFMC have the necessary capacity to manage and use resources within the CF on a sustainable manner; 2.1 At least 15 HHs of the CF members benefited from cow bank and 10 cows are added to the existing cow banks of Preah Ang Keo and Bak Angrut villages; 2.2 At least 95HHs of the CF members benefited from wild honey bees collection and the design of bee nests and product packaging to generate more income; and 2.3 Final project evaluation report. Main project activities: 1.1.1 Meeting to raise awareness on the project objectives and forming of a working group of 30 people to define CF boundary and do forest inventory; 1.1.2 Training for 30 members of the working group on how to define boundary and mapping and demarcation of CF boundary; 1.1.3 Taking GPS positions for 200 locations along the CF boundary for boundary marking; 1.1.4 Designing and building of 200 boundary markers; 1.1.5 Planting of 200 boundary markers; 1.2.1 Training for the members of working group on management zoning; 1.2.2 Meeting of the working group members to design management zones in a participatory planning process; 1.2.3 Zoning of the CF area; 1.2.4 Mapping of CF following the defined zones; 1.2.5 Training for the working group on how to do forest inventory and data processing and analysis; 1.2.6 Meeting of the working group to plan for forest inventory; 1.2.7 Doing forest inventory; 1.2.8 Generation, processing and analysis of inventory data; 1.2.9 Meeting to share results from forest inventory to members of the CF; 1.2.10 Meeting of the CFMC to discuss the development of action plan to the management plan; 1.2.11 Development of a management plan for the Phnom Taop Cheang CF; 1.2.12 Consultation meeting with CF members to discuss draft management plan; and 1.2.13 Final revision of the draft management plan 1.3.1 Meeting to raise awareness about rattan planting; 1.3.2 Delivery of rattan saplings to the planting sites; 1.3.3 Planting 5,000 rattan saplings with the participation of school children, community members and Buddhist monks; 1.3.4 Monitoring and maintenance of planted fields; 1.4.1 Meeting of the CF members to develop patrol plan; 1.4.2 Regular patrolling, twice a month; 1.4.3 Building of 2 patrol outposts, 7m x 10m, tin roof of 60 tin sheets; 1.4.4 Provision of USD1,000 package fund to the CFMC to initiate income generation options to support forest patrol; 1.4.5 Training on book keeping and financial management; 1.4.6 Building and placement of 6 billboards, 1.5m x 2m at key entrances; 1.5.1 Training on minutes taking and report writing; 1.5.2 Quarterly meetings on project progress; 1.5.3 Participation in national forest network meetings; 1.5.4 Document of case studies and development of short video clips on project successes; 2.1.1 Development of a procurement group; 2.1.2 Purchase 20 cows; 2.2.1 Awareness on how to purchase honey bees; 2.2.2 Purchase of honey bee packaging materials, bottle and logos; 2.2.3 Networking with various organisations to sell honey bees.
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