Project Category
Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
Forest conservation by indigenous community project works with 919 HHs of Pnong indigenous community of 2,828 people, 1,404 women, in 3 villages including Pu Taing of Rumnear communes and Pusham and Putro of Sen Monorum commune, Oh Raing district, Ratanakiri province. The project aims to help with registration of the indigenous CF, access right to management of CF and resources therein as well as improvement of their livelihood. The project shall assist the indigenous community in 3 CFs to benefit from the Forestry Law and to raise awareness of CF, and establish community groups to market NTFPs, vegetables, and other livelihood products such as livestock. Local community will also have 3 CF areas registered including CFs at Pu Taing, Putru and Pusham villages covering 5,190 ha in order for them to gain full access right to managing their CFs, and protection and preservation of resources and NTFPs in their areas, and to establish community committee to market NTFPs, crops, and livestock to improve their livelihood. Objectives and expected outputs Objective 1: Three CFs established and formally recognised by FA, provincial authority and MAFF to secure access to managing 5,910 ha by early 2015. Objective 2: 735 HHs of indigenous community have improved livelihood through establishment of NTFP, farming and livestock groups by early 2015. Expected outputs 1.1 Three CFs established and formally recognised by FA, provincial authority, and MAFF to gain access right to managing 5,190 ha of forest; 1.2 A CFMC consisting of 15 members, 6 women, have capacity to manage the CF sustainably to improve livelihood of the indigenous communities; 1.3 860 School children and people in the target communities understood the benefits of CF and forestry law; 2.1 Three Sub-committees to market NTFPs, crops and livestock established and functioned; 2.2 The management of the NTFPs groups of 5 people, 2 women, has the necessary capacity for group management and operation. Main project activities 1.1.1 Raising awareness on forestry law and mobilising support for the establishment of CF; 1.1.2 Facilitating submission of application to establish CF from the village to the provincial levels; 1.1.3 Facilitating the application of membership of the CF; 1.1.4 Selecting candidates for election of CFMC and defining criteria for candidate selection; 1.1.5 Organising election of members to the CFMC; 1.1.6 Drafting internal rules and by-law for the CF with CFMC; 1.1.7 Meeting to discuss and approve on the draft internal rule and by-law with CFMC; 1.1.8 Defining boundary and mapping of CF; 1.1.9 Drafting agreement for CF with CFMC; 1.1.10 Meeting to discuss and approve on the draft text of CF agreement with CFMC and members; 1.1.11 Finalising the Draft text of agreement before sending to FA; 1.1.12 Organising signing of the agreement with FA; and 1.1.13 Monthly meeting of the CFMC 1.2.1 Training of CFMC on CF management; 1.2.2 Training of CFMC on financial management and book keeping; 1.2.3 Training of CFMC on report writing and minutes taking; 1.2.4 Regular patrolling; 1.3.1 Raising awareness of CF, importance of forests and forestry law for school children in the area; 1.3.2 Raising awareness on forestry law in each target village; 1.3.3 Half yearly meeting to share experiences and lesson; 2.1.1 Meeting in each target village to select volunteers to participate in NTFPs, crop and livestock groups; 2.1.2 Formulation of NTFP, crop and livestock groups; 2.1.3 Election of sub-committees for marketing NTFPs, crops and livestock; 2.1.4 Provision of capital to start marketing NTFPs, crop and livestock; 2.1.5 Provision of technical support to the management of NTFP, crop and livestock groups; 2.2.1 Training the sub-committees on book keeping; 2.2.2 Training the subcommittees on crop farming; 2.2.3 Training the sub-committees and target groups on livestock farming; 2.2.4 Exchange visit by CFMC, sub-committees, technical staff, and target groups to share their knowledge and lessons; 2.2.5 Provision of technical support to target groups on livestock and crop farming techniques.
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Our Reference Number
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