Project Category
Project Category
Environmental research
Project Description
Project Description
Findings from VRA conducted on 21 September 2011 with 31 participants, 22 women, in 3 target villages show a number of problems including drought, shortage of water for irrigation, due to lack of irrigation scheme, human and animal health problems, soil exhaustion, increased heath, irregular rainfall, and lack of understanding of CC and lack of skilled human resources. According to the VRA, local people suggested development of a weir at Teal Mreah, with three sluice gates, and rehabilitate a 400m canal to divert water for irrigating 700ha rice field, and capacity development for climate resilient agricultural technology. The project, in this regards, will assist local community in the target area to improve their rice production and thus will improve their livelihood and raise awareness on climate change and adaptation capacity. 1.2 Project goal To contribute to mitigating impacts of drought and promotion of CC resilient agricultural techniques in the 3 target villages in Toek Phos district. 1.3 Project outcome Outcome 1: Access by 1,919 people, 1,240 women, from 435 households in the target villages to water for saving their 700ha wet season rice and 300ha dry season rice through an improved irrigation capacity; Outcome 2: A weir built at Teal Mreah and a canal rehabilitated and under effective management by water management committee and local authority; and Outcome 3: Rice production by 1,919 villagers, 1,240 women, in the 3 target villages enhanced through bi-annual rice production even under CC condition and thus reduce their dependence on collection of forest products and thus forest ecology protected. 1.4 Major expected output Output 1.1 (Outcome 1): A weir with 3 sluice gates built and a 400 meter canal rehabilitated by 2012; Output 2.1 (Outcome 2): A management committee established to manage the irrigation scheme with clear procedure requiring community contribution for long term maintenance of the scheme; and Output 3.1 (Outcome 3): Rice production increased in the 3 target villages through expansion of 300ha dry season rice farming by 610 villagers, 357 women, from 120 households. 1.4 Main activities Output 1.1 (Outcome 1) Activities - Meeting to disseminate to the local people and relevant sectoral agencies in the target area on the plan for building a weir and a canal at Tael Mreah; - Organize, in coordination with commune procurement committee, bidding process to select a a qualified contractor from among 3 candidates with the participation of community representatives, commune officials and DoWRAM, to advise on technical aspect of the weir and canal to be built and rehabilitated; - Coordinate with community and in collaboration with commune procurement committee to issue a contract and implement the contract for building a weir, 11mx 15m and rehabilitate a 400m primary and distribution canals, 2m top width, 1.5 m bottom width, and with the financial contribution from local people in the 3 villages; and - Organize the transfer of the scheme for use in the area and planting trees and release fish sees in the reservoir. Output 2.1 (Outcome 2) Activities - Meeting with local villagers to select 15 volunteers, 6 women, to be elected to the water management committee based on agreed criteria; - Provision of training on maintenance, utilization, reporting and record keeping; - Facilitation for development of by-law for the irrigation scheme; - Organize community consultation on the draft by-law with the participation of local authority, and announce the need for villager contribution to maintenance and management of the irrigation scheme; and - Organize a district workshop on reduction of climate related disasters for 35 participants, 15 women, in the 3 villages. Output 3.1 (Outcome 3) Activities - Provide 2 trainings on SRI to 50 selected farmers to pilot climate resistant rice varieties; - Organize a farmer field day to demonstrate results from SRI with 45 participants, 23 women; and - Conduct monitoring and evaluation of the project through second VRA and end of the project evaluation to be conducted by an independent consultant.
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Our Reference Number
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