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Project Category
Environmental research
Project Description
Project Description
The project was designed based on primary need identification from communities and relevant stakeholders who are affected from climate change issues. The overall objective is to reduce vulnerability of climate change and improve livelihoods of rural poor depending on agriculture in Kampong Speu province through using the approach of integrated farmer field school on sustainable agriculture and climate change adaptation (IFFS on SA and CCA) by providing capacity building to target groups and local authorities on climate change adaptation. The project duration is 18 months and will be implemented in 3 FWUCs in Kampong Speu province. There are 200 direct beneficiaries and about 1,000 Households will be involved and benefit from the project and Srer Khmer will implement the project in cooperation with partner such as PDA, PDWRAM and local authorities Objective To reduce vulnerability of climate change and promote climate change awareness to improve livelihoods of the rural poor dependent on agriculture in Kampong Speu province i) Outcome 1: The selected participants livelihood (incomes by 20 to 30% increased on the baseline survey) is improved through attending Integrated Farmer Field School (IFFS) on sustainable agriculture and climate change. ii) Outcome 2: The local knowledge and capacity of community based organizations on livelihood and climate change adaptation to address and dialogue with commune council is improved. iii) Outcome 3: Monitoring and evaluation of the project is documented to compare the results along the project life Outputs and Activities Output 1.1: One Training of Trainers (TOT) on sustainable agriculture (SA) and climate change adaptation (CCA) is conducted to enable farmer promoters (FP) to facilitate farmer field school (FFS) at their respective villages Activities i) Select ten (10) best practiced farmers to attend TOT especially the one who has experiences in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) farmer field school ii) Design training curriculum on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change Adaptation (SA and CCA) iii) Conduct Training of Trainers (TOT) Output 1.2: Ten (10) IFFS on SA and CCA to 200 farmers are conducted to improve farmers knowledge and skills on sustainable agriculture to improve their farming as part of CCA Activities i) Select target farmers within the Farmer Water User Groups (FWUGs) to attend FFS ii) Design and prepare 16 weeks IFFS (Integrated Farmer Field School) curriculum and field guides, diary book iii) Open FFS facilitated by Farmer Promoters (FP) and Project staff Output 1.3: Two (2) topics of post-IFFS, SA and CCA per FFS, are conducted to improve their livelihood through application of different approaches to cope with CCA Activities i) Identify the needy training after FFS is finished ii) Conduct training to each group two times per project life Output 1.4: Individual action plan for livelihood adaptation to Climate Change is developed with assistance from project staff to improve their livelihood to cope with CCA Activities i) Develop individual action plan during the end of FFS with the assistance from the project staff ii) Form saving groups and develop saving policy for funding support from the project iii) Support individual funding needs based on the plan developed by farmers as a demonstration in the communities Output 1.5: One exchange visit with some 30 participants outside province is organized to learn from best practices elsewhere and then farmers are able to improve their knowledge learnt Activities i) Identify the best practiced areas for target farmers to visit ii) Develop concept note of exchange visit and selecting farmers iii) Organize one exchange visit to outside province Output 1.6: One farmer forum on livelihood and CCA with some 50 participants is organized to share experiences and reflect on what they have learnt and practice in terms of sustainable agriculture and climate change adaptation Activities i) Select farmers, key farmers, local authorities and counterparts to attend the farmer forum in order to share experiences ii) Organize 3 farmer forums with 150 participants Output 2.1: Meeting with CBO executive on SA and CCA is facilitated by the project staff to enable CBOs executives to be aware of the Climate Change and the strategy to cope with. Activities i) Organize a debriefing meeting with CBO executives on the project documents ii) Invite all concerned CBO executive members to attend meetings with project staff iii) Develop a work plan with the CBO executive members on how to organize regular meetings to share the experiences of the project especially on the progresses and challenges Output 2.2: Training on CCA to commune council members is conducted to promote awareness to Commune Council members together with village chief in order for them to take more consideration to put in its CDP/CIP. Activities i) Select Commune Council members to attend the training on CCA ii) Prepare a training concept note iii) Develop training lessons and training guides iv) Facilitate training with Commune Council members Output 2.3: One reflection workshop on CCA with commune council and farmers is organized to improve the understanding of the importance of CCA Activities i) Organize a reflection workshop in year 1 and year 2 of the project (two workshops in total) Output 3.1: VRA is conducted before the project started to understand the current situation in the villages Activities i) Select concerned farmers, local authorities, c
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