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Project Category
Environmental research
Project Description
Project Description
Calibishie Community Environmental Protection Project is spearheaded by the Calibishie Golden Age Group. This group is mainly made up of Senior Citizens and has a membership of 45 persons who are keen to contribute knowledge and skills to the community and to promote social activities in the community. The objective of this project is to protect and enhance the environment through management of solid waste and tree planting to increase vegetation cover while recognizing traditional village practice for hedges that lined the streets and the surrounded homes rather than the concrete walls and other fences that are more common in other communities. This traditional practice of the community of Calibishie has survived the challenges of modern day construction practices of increased use of concrete, but there is indication of a decline in the upkeep and maintenance of existing plant hedges. Also in more recent years not many new hedges have been planted. The group is hoping, through the GEF/SGP that it will be able to restore this sense of pride of community by restoring the traditional hedge and putting systems in place to manage the garbage. The main project activities will be: Capacity building of number of Golden Age group and the community organization in participating in areas such as: project development , project management ,monitoring and evaluation ,team building , climate change , sustainable development, participating in methods ,GEF focal areas to protect and enhance the environment through management of solid waste and tree planting to increase vegetation cover while recognizing traditional village practice. Public awareness and education program in Solid Waste Management, environmental protection, sustainable practices, in benefits of using hedges to line the streets and surrounding homes rather than the concrete walls and metal or plastic fences that are more common in the communities. The Calibishie Golden Age Group has been making efforts to increase the practice to ensure that introduction of concrete walls is minimized as much as possible. Also the increase in plant hedges will add to the village ambiance and beauty and increase vegetation coverage of land areas and contribute tremendously to conserve biodiversity of the area. Through education and proper management of litter, there will be reduction in litter and protection of the environment especially the nearby sea shore and reef. The project skills development will include: Plant propagation, Composting and Hedge planting and trimming. The community through the group will be contributing all the labor for the project which includes planting of the plants and maintenance work necessary. The community of Calibishie and the Golden Age Group is very active and will be fully supported by the village council and other community groups which will mobilized the participants in all project activities. ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND AND CAPACITY TO IMPLEMENT THE PROJECT Calibishie Golden Age Group is made up of mainly senior citizens of Calibishie. The group has a membership of 45 persons and is growing strongly. The group is registered with the Dominica Council of Aging and had its formal launching on the 20th of February, 2011. The objective is to provide opportunities for senior citizens to contribute knowledge and skills to the community and to promote social activities in the community; the theme being Moving Forward with Renewed Strength . 10 The majority of the group members are farmers and ex-famers, housewives, ex-public sector workers and leaders in the community. The coordinator is Virginia Peters District nurse of Calibishie, President Mrs Melanese George, Secretary Mrs Valda Cadette-George, Treasurer Mrs. Theresa George, Vice Treasurer Mrs Angelo Joseph and PRO. Fegenie George. The group meets the last Friday of every month at 4 pm. The group is very passionate about this project and with its strong base of farmers, is confident they will succeed in the implementation. PROJECT OBJECTIVES AND EXPECTED RESULTS Problem: The community of Calibishie has been known generally for it pristine clean surroundings, the most outstanding feature being its trademark of floral hedge and litter free environment from one end of the village to the next. Over the years we have seen the diminishing of the hedge and ornamental plants and an increase in litter that is now threatening our image and pride. Due to increase in development we have seen the increase in litter and garbage. Calibishie has not been able to have more than two collections a month from the Solid Waste Management Corporation, making the storage of waste a current challenge. This project will keep Calibishie clean and garbage free and restore the beautiful hedge it was once known for. Restore the sense of pride to the youth and woo them to uphold the example set by the Golden Age Group. Therefore we are seeking to work with the community residents and groups in hedge restoration and to erect garbage bins at strategic locations in the community. As part of the beautification and enhancement program initiated by the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Calibishie has to emerge winner and hope to maintain this position. This project will be a sample for other villages in Dominica as it promotes the value of having a green and clean and well kept environment. PROJECT ACTIVITIES AND IMPLEMENTATION PLAN The project will first identify all the areas in the community where there is
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