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Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
According to Dominica s Report on the state of the World s Animal Genetic Resources prepared by the Livestock Development Unit, Division of Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries, conservation work has to be carried out on the Anglo-Nubian and Toggenburg (Caprine), the Brangus and Brahman (Bovine), Elite (Porcine), Doper, and Dominican white (ovine), Flemish Giant and French silver (rabbits). Some breeds which exist locally are at risk of being lost due to the continuous crossbreeding of these breeds with recently introduced breeds. Activities that are on the way or that are planned to enhance the value of our Animal Genetic Resources are i) improve breeds that are already in the country: - conservation as far as is possible of local and endemic animal resources. There are no opportunities for sale or exchange of breeds that are indigenous to us, such as the Dominican white sheep, the Creole rabbit, goat and cattle, the black pig. These breeds however are at risk of being lost and are in great need of conservation. There is a serious need for programmes to promote awareness and understanding of the roles and values of AnGR and the need to conserve them for future use and development. Dominica s priorities for animal genetic resources conservation are: 1. Human Resource Development specific to Animal Genetic Conservation and Development 3. Development of an action plan to address the conservation of endemic/indigenous Species (The Dominican White, Creole Goats, Dominican Black Pig, Creole Cattle and Rabbit). The project aims to preserve the Dominican white sheep which is at risk of being lost has somehow performed much better in the interior of the island with cooler temperatures and higher rainfall while at the same time creating opportunities for sustainable livelihoods in the Laudat community which is located on the every buffer zone of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park World Heritage Site. EWES project will advance the interests, promote the welfare and encourage the active participation of youth in biodiversity conservation It fits well in the Ministry s mandate to continue to develop and improve Dominica s livestock industry, while promoting the conservation of endemic species. It will enhance our en situ conservation of this important resource. The conservation of genetic resources will play an important role in enhancing rural economies since these animals provide food, income and by-products to the rural folk
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Our Reference Number
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