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Project Description
Through surveys in some localities after storms number 2, 6 and 7 in 2005, managers, scientists and local authorities showed that damages on dykes and properties during 3 storms number 2, 6 and 7 in 2005 were very substantial. However, places that grow and protect mangrove forest would not have their dykes eroded or broken like B ng La S n, Vinh Quang Ti n L ng H i Ph ng, Th i -Th i Th y-Th i B nh. Preliminary research on types of mangrove forests that reduces drastically the intensity and height of waves when the tide is high, along with the storms in 2005 have demonstrated the importance of mangrove forests in protecting dykes and coasts in times of natural disasters. Petitions from national seminar: The role of mangrove and coral reef ecosystems in mitigating impacts of the ocean on the environment that were sent to the Governmental Office, concerned agencies, the Central Committee of storms and floods have received positive response to date, manifested in the development of proposals, research projects in the period of 2006-2010 to restore the above-mentioned ecosystem to counter natural disasters, protect the environment and raise the living standard of the community. This projects is sponsoring publication of the book : The role of mangrove and coral reef ecosystems in mitigating natural disasters and improving livelihoods in coastal areas Objectives: - To provide information about the research results, evaluation of the use of mangrove forest and coral reef in mitigating natural disasters such as tsunamis, floods, flood-tides, rising seawaters, salt intrusion in Vietnam and the region. - To warn about the state of the degradation of the mangrove forest and coral reef in Vietnam and the consequences - Some research results and experiences in restoring and protecting the above-mentioned ecosystems to mitigate natural disasters, develop seafood trade as a source of income and improve the livelihoods in coastal areas. Content of the book: - Selected reports of Vietnamese and foreign authors are presented at the national seminar: The role of mangrove forest and coral reef ecosystems in mitigating impacts of the ocean on the environment - Reports on effects of the management, usage and delineation of above-mentioned ecosystems to improve economic and social conditions in coastal areas - Experiences and economic and technical solutions in restoring degraded mangrove forests and coral reef ecosystems - Experiences in managing the ecosystem of mangrove forests, coral reef, wetland reserves biosphere reserves in the direction of sustainable development
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