Project Category
Project Category
Environmental policy and administrative management
Project Description
Project Description
Ka ab is one of the Hawf district villages in eastern part in Yemen. Within Ka ab village there are several dwellings sporadically distributed over Thihedeed area for the purpose of Grazing. Three small dwellings which are Jeet, Hareen and Thow. Community livelihood depends on livestock herding in semi-nomadic pastoral system. Grazing takes place in the area of thehedeed during the period May-July each year. Water availability is the main limiting factor and the most obstacles to herders. This is evidence especially in the absence of access road. Only this year a truck road was built hence community will be able to transport building materials to build the first ever water tank in the area for providing water for their domestic uses in three month of the year. This project aimed at helping local herdsman to prepare their only water tank to receive rainwater hence avoiding expensive cost transporting water in barrels by cars involving high cost for small quantity of water. The overall objective of this project is to support the survival of traditional Range management system in the area of Hawf, which is a protected area of national and regional importance.
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Our Reference Number
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