Project Category
Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
3.1 Project Description: The project will support sustainable community-based activities in the Tonle Sap Lake which demonstrate and promote the establishment of community conservation areas and reforestation of flooded forests around the community consevation areas. It will also address the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, mainly fisheries and flooded forest, in an area under increasing human pressure. This will be done through the organization of womens saving & self-help groups creating community-based alternative livelihoods. 3.2 Objectives: - Two comunity conservation and flooded tree reforestation areas will be established on 8 ha of flooded land in the 6 surrounding communities - Promote womens status in the 6 commmunity fisheries through full participation in community development activities. - Improve the livelihood of community members especially poor, female headed families, through providing access to ecological livelihood options within their community. 3.3 Outputs: - 12,000 flooded trees will be planted on 8 ha of flooded land and 7 ha of remaining flooded forests around conservation areas will be protected -All community fishery members will participate in the maintenance and protection of flooded forests and conservation areas - Increase of fishery resource productivity, especially endangered fish and animal species in the area - 5 womens self-help groups and 5 womens saving groups will be established in 5 of the community fisheries - 10 women will become community leaders in the communitiy fisheries - 90 of the poorest women from womens self-help groups will fully participate in most of the community activities and will be involved in the decision making process, development and implementation of the project - At least 50 women will actively participate in community fishery activities - Womens saving groups fund should increase by at least 70% of the total fund from when the project started - Increase the income of 120 members in the womens saving groups by at least 30% - 5 womens self-help groups will become saving groups and every member will have an increased livelihood - Increased fish catch after community conservation areas are established and flooded forests are protected
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Our Reference Number
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