Project Category
Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
Biodiversity Conservation through Tourism in Wakhan District , to be implemented by Wakhan Pamir Association (WPA). Wakhan is one of the most important landscapes in Afghanistan for biodiversity. It is home to a number of threatened species, including snow leopard, Marco Polo sheep, urial, brown bear and others. Conservation of biodiversity in Wakhan is of utmost importance to Afghanistan, and to the long-term benefit of the local communities. Tourism offers the best hope to reduce poverty among the Wakhan people in a manner that compliments biodiversity conservation. Therefore tourism is of primary importance to Wakhan. Even though much of Afghanistan is being affected by conflict, Wakhan remains one of the few stable and peaceful parts of the country. As a result, since 2006 Wakhan has been receiving a steady stream of foreign visitors and is increasingly catching the interest of eco-tourists and adventure travellers. When built, the Centre will function as a conduit for tourism to Wakhan, and an information centre for biodiversity conservation. Tourists will get information about Wakhan; they will meet certified guides and cooks, be linked up with affordable taxis, purchase food for their trip and hire equipment (e.g. tents, cooking utensils, etc.). The Centre will also sell locally produced handicrafts and foods; and it will be a place where tourists can find accommodation and be served meals. It will better organise tourism to Wakhan and improve visitor satisfaction. With the Centre in place, it is expected that there will be a significant increase in the number of tourists visiting Wakhan, which in turn will stimulate a broad array of local businesses. The Centre will be a unique and beautiful building, a place that people will gravitate towards. It will have a rustic appearance, made of local building materials, with design features that incorporate traditional building concepts such as "Pamiri" skylights.
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Our Reference Number
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