Project Category
Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
Bozyazi Coastal Protection Area lies along the Cilician coast, which is one of the two WWF`s marine ecosystem Hotspots in Turkey. The site supports globally threatened fauna species (Monachus monachus, Caretta caretta, Chelenia mydas) and flora species (Posidonia oceanica). The project is in line with the WWF`s objective of "the creation of a large fish refuge area along the coast of the Cilician basin, extending and improving the existing protection status." Accordingly the site together with other 4 areas has been declared a 1st degree Natural SIT by the Ministry of Culture and a Coastal Protected Area by the Ministry of Agriculture, closing the coast to the troll fishery. These 5 Protected Sites have been also declared "gift to the earth" in the context of the WWF`s campaign. The project`s one of the main objectives is to demonstrate to the local communities that the conservation status has given time and space for main fish stock to repopulate the area, with major benefits for the local fishermen. The demonstration to the local communities and local governors the benefits of the coastal protected areas, will encourage the extension of the status to other coasts. Recently, Monk Seal Conservation efforts in the region yielded establishment of five protected coastal sites encompassing the main habitat, and the creation of a no-trawling area, including a no-fish-zone. This work aims to carry out monitoring surveys on various elements of the ecosystem and evaluate the consequences of the protection measures. The major task of the project is to show to everyone, from ministers to the local fishermen, that the protection measures established for the sake of the Monk Seal will also help recovery of a depleted ecosystem. When the health of the ecosystem is restored and sustained, this will be beneficial not only for the monk seal but also for all components of the ecosystem whose livelihood depends on it.
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