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Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
Communities in the Rivas District have had considerable environmental alteration n , n DEGRADATION especially in soils , forests and biodiversity. This has happened for the development of inappropriate agricultural activities. The most clear example of what is the livestock in these areas that are mostly to an alt pending chasm. Tambi n agriculture has followed the course of conventional trends, characterized by the use of pesticides , burning , monoculture , poor soil protection n and n elimination forest almost total. In response to this model , recently some producers (as) in the area have been trying to develop organic agriculture and ecological nica logic as a means of protecting the environment , health and offer an alternative product to consumers : The Associatio n Producers Caf Los Cedros , which re ne 10 families , has been consolidated organizationally search options and friendly production n n also to develop an initiative of n inclusion of added value to your coffee . Because of this, currently have 18 hectare areas of coffee certified org nico , and also n have established a processing plant coffee that produces 200 bushels per year (about 8400 kilos ) and is marketed in areas and under conditions more jousts retribuci n econ mica, n in comparison with the traditional pattern of product delivery to large processors . While this is generating a higher income families , the prevailing need for investment n resources to improve processing conditions (infrastructure and equipment) and n fertilizing plantations to as greater stability and sustainability. Through this project, the group aims to overcome this limitation and to complement the work being done in TRAINING n of its members, in addition to environmental protection s n n with the introduction of more forest cover and communal actions to highlight the impact importance of the environment . General Objective : To strengthen the peasant coffee processing enterprise org nico Los Cedros as a means to contribute to the environmental well-being of the farms involved and the community, and to greater social welfare of the participating families . Objectives Spec GRAPHICS : 1. Strengthen caf org nico productive axis trav s shares TRAINING n , n investment in farms and processing support and value-added generation n , to foster a better economy for 2 families to increase . environmental quality of the farms with more models suitable strengthening of agricultural production n tail n diversification , management of non- biodegradable waste solids s , n reforestaci ny natural vegetative protection areas , which in turn contributes to the conservation of the n natural biodiversity of the area.
Costa rica
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