Project Category
Project Category
Environmental research
Project Description
Project Description
Context: National electricity grid covers barely 10% of Tanzanians. Due to high costs of installing electricity infrastructure, rate of coverage is likely to be slow. To address this problem, the Government enacted a new electricity act in 2008. Under this act, local communities are allowed to establish mini-grids, which can provide power and excess could be fed to the National Grid. This project proposal intends to use provisions of the new law to generate electricity to the 5 villages of Lusala, Lupanga, Lufumbu, Masimbwe and Mlangali. Hydropower to the tune of 275KW will be generated from two water falls: Macheke water fall on Likingo River and Gangitololi Water Fall on Isigula River. Feasibility of the two water falls were undertaken in 2002 and 2003. Studies which were supported by the SGP confirmed that extraction of 800 litres per second to generate the envisaged electricity was possible throughout the year. Real cost for mini hydropower project are estimated at US $1,350,300. This far outstretches the maximum grant that SGP can provide. However, the proponent has approached the Rural Energy Agency (REA). In principle they have agreed to support the project if basic ground work and administrative set up is undertaken. Therefore, the main objective of this project proposal is to support ground work and administrative set up in readiness for the REA financing. A letter for the REA commitment is attached. Project Objectives: To initiate ground work and administrative system for the Mlangali Mini-hydropower project to pave way for further support from REA. Objective description: Ground work: Construction of an access road to the power site in order to ease ferrying of materials Scaled down EIA Administrative systems: Establish a power cooperative that will run the power project. Implementation Strategy: (1) Engage consultants for scaled down EIA, financial and economic studies for the target area (2) Organize two local workshops to define the project; implementation arrangements; project results and sharing of the results; involvement of local communities in the project implementation and management (3) Study visit to a locally run Kinko hydropower project, Lushoto (4) Formation of a strong power cooperative society (5) Establishment of ground-breaking activities namely construction of access road to the project site (6) Preparation of the project proposal to REA
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