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Project Category
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Project Description
GOAL Increased revenue for fishermen in Batunampar Selatan village based on capture fisheries and seaweed agribusiness OBJECTIVES Objective 1 : The establishment of marine protected areas (MPAs) and its management regulation (awiq-awiq) Indicators : 1. Increase production of fishermen catch to 50% compared to the catch before MPA establishment 2. Fishermen practicing not environmentally friendly fishing decline to 75% 3. Rate of coral reef cover in marine protected areas increased to 80% Activities : 1. Dissemination to the community (not only to the community in Batu nampar Selatan village, but also to other surrounding villages that have access to the catchment area around MPA. Dissemination cover topic on the importance of MPA to coral reefs conservation and to increase fisheries production as well as fishermen s well-being. Dissemination is not only done through direct meeting with the community, but also through posters, pamphlets distributed to the public (within 3 months) 2. Workshop to discuss the location and extents of MPA with all stakeholders in Batunampar Selatan village. Expected output of this workshop is to produce an agreement related to the existence of MPA (3 days workshop) 3. Training of coral reefs monitoring to the representatives of South Batunampar village, the output is to know the condition of a good and damaged coral reef. Besides, it is also to equip people with the knowledge of the benefits and functions of coastal and marine ecosystems (coral reefs) for their well-being (6 days training) 4. Survey about the condition of coral reefs in MPA together with the representatives of Batunampar Selatan village. This activity is a follow up activities after training on reef monitoring, which will be facilitated by UNRAM (Sam Ratulangi University) team (10 days survey) 5. Installation of MPA s boundary markers and pillars together with the village s representatives, so that people can directly engage to the determination of location and extents of MPA. (10 days) 6. Installation of bulletin board to announce MPA area in Batunampar Selatan village (the extent of MPA, map/zoning of MPA, sanctions and prohibitions in MPA (agreement in awiq-awiq) (5 days) 7. Dissemination of MPA s presence to stakeholders in Ekas Bay area, either through meetings, newspapers, posters, pamphlets, etc. Therefore, broader community understand the presence of MPAs in the area of BatuNampar Selatan Village (1 month) Objective 2 : Formulation of MPA Awiq-awiq together with the community Indicators : 1. Fishermen agreed to the importance of awiq-awiq to maintain and protect MPA 2. The violation rate of MPA awiq- awiq is less than 5% Activities : 1. Meetings and discussions with the community about the formulation of awiq-awiq in Batunampar Selatan Village, will be held about 2 to 3 times to have as many aspirations as they can have (3 days meeting). The expected output of the meeting is the aggreement of local rules (awiq-awiq) associated to MPA (things that are allowed, or prohibited and the legal sanctions). There is a possibility that the agreement by the community on awiq-awiq will take time. 2. Dissemination of MPA awiq-awiq to stakeholders in Ekas Bay area either through meetings, newspapers, posters, pamphlets, etc. (15 days) 3. Training on monitoring and supervision for MPA Monitoring group (2 days) Objective 3 : Increase of fishermen s income through seaweed-based agribusiness as alternative livelihood Indicators : 1. 10 groups (100) people (12.5%) of the 800 fishermen in Batunampar Selatan village have alternative livelihood (from seaweed) 2. Fishermen s household income of Rp 600,000 per month from alternative livelihood Activities : 1. Dissemination to the community on the importance of alternative livelihoods to increase fishermen s employment and income in accordance to the potential of fishing area (1 day). Provide understanding to the community that the income is not only earned through fishing, but also there are other activities that support fishermen in gaining income, such as fisheries agribusiness. This dissemination will be carried out through meetings. 2. Training on seaweed agribusiness to groups of fishermen to improve knowledge and skills, starting from procurement of inputs, cultivation, agro-industry and marketing as well as other supporting elements (financial institutions, infrastructure, etc.) 3. Facilitation to fishermen group in Batunampar Selatan village in the cultivation and post-harvest of seaweed (2 months). 4. Facilitation to groups of fisherwomen through comparative studies, agroindustry/food- processing) such as seaweed crisps/crackers and licensing of P-IRT (Food Home Industry) permit (1 month), with 25 participants (in 5 groups). Facilitation is carried out by YLB Team and YLB Institute that also has the expertise 5. Facilitation of fisherman and fisherwomen groups in the marketing of seaweed and processed seaweed (within 2 months) EXPECTED OUTPUT 1. The establishment of marine protected areas 2. The availability of local rules (awiq-awiq) in the management of marine protected areas 3. The availability of alternative livelihood that suit to the potential of local resources to reduce the exploitation of coastal resources Participants and/or Project Beneficiaries Direct : MPA : fishermen in South Batunampar village Seaweed: Fishermen Group (100 people) and fisherwomen (50 people) in South Batunampar village Indirect : Traders of fish and seaweed and coastal communiti
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