Project Category
Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
Geleychu Sustainable Land Management Tshogpa was formed specifically for land management, as land is their prime source of livelihood, which is very vulnerable to degradation due to human activities over the years and natural climatic conditions. Farmers from Geleychu have been observing the project activities of their neighbouring village Salamjee, and have seen the impacts that the farmers of Salamjee has made with regard to land management. They have been motivated to carryout similar interventions in their village as the problem case is similar i.e. land degradation, declining crop yield and low household income. The proposed project is to rehabilitate and protect the farmland to sustain agricultural productions through community efforts and for sustainable utilization of available land resources. The objective of the project is: 1. To build the capacity of the community for sustainable land management and; 2. To improve the land productivity and enhance the rural livelihood. Project Activities: 1. Capacity Building; 2. Physical Activities such as: a. Hedgerow establishment using fodder legumes and fruit plants; b. Construction of stonewalls wherever stones are available in the fields; c. Bench terracing on steep fields; d. Conservation farming - conservaton tillage, crop rotation, multiple cropping, cover crop and mulching; e. Organic farming - demonstrate different techniques to prepare organic manure and biocide. 3. Management Measures - land use changes - a. Fruit crop Production through contour plantation of different fruit plants; b. Citrus orchard development on steep land which are not suitable for other cereal crop cultivations; c. Vegetable promotion both for cash and income and for family nutritional intake improvement. Activities completed to date are as in the following: 1. Capacity Building Land Management Training; Training on Nursery Raising and Management for MPTs; Training on Vegetable Production and management; Training on Composting; Training on Hedgerow maintenance and care; Training on Grafting, Patch & T-budding on citrus and canopy management. 2. Field Activities: Contour building under progress Multi purpose community nursery established. The immediate benefits received by the participants and the receipient community are: 1. Vegetable production and management; 2. Training on grafting, patch and T-budding aned canopy management of citrus; 3. Composting (preparation of organic manure and training on various agriculture produce.
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Our Reference Number
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