Project Category
Project Category
Environmental research
Project Description
Project Description
Intergrated Aquaculture-Agriculture (IAA)is one of the sustainable options that allow rural communities to adapt to shortage and erratic rainfall as it offers longer term availability of water.It ensures sustainable farm systems and food security in adapting to climate change and is one of the priotised adaptation options.A farm pond is particulary effective in the role of waste processing unit as it can convert virtually any organic material into fish protein and/or nutrient enriched water and mud without the weed.disease and insect problems associated with terrestrial mulches and green manures.In IAA, the wastes from each farming activity are recycled into other enterprises,thus raising economic and ecological efficiency overall.Farmers use their own livestock and crop wastes and on the other hand ponds contribute water and mud to adjacent dimba garden there by extending its growing season and productivity.As IAA ensures that food security,good nutrition and incomes are increased,farmers are also encouraged to have fish onds which enhance availability of water and thereby increasing adaptive capacity of farm families. Despite the importance of the IAA to transform the livelihood of the rural communities,its uptake has been rather slow,and in certain cases non-existence.This is particulary due to lack of awareness of the concept caused by few extension agents available to promote the concept.In addition,promotion of IAA is greatly compromised due to lack of expert pool in the various subcomponents including;horticulture,crop and livestock production and fish farmimg. Objectives: 1.To facilitate construction of 50 ponds,vegetable gardens,kraals and production of orchads to increase the hectares of land under improved land use and climate change proofing practices. 2.To build capacity of 250 community members through the provision of trainings in gropu dynamics,fish and crop husbandry,intergrated agricultural and water management practices 3. To improve the sustainable livelihoods of poor communities by cutting down food shortages. Expected results: 1. Increased income availability and food security resulting into poverty reduction 2.Increase awareness in IAA practices in the community through knowledge management products. 3.Increased particpation of women in socio economic development as they will be the main beneficiaries of the project
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Our Reference Number
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