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Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
Project summary the archipelagos of the Comoros have a marine biodiversity so rich and so impressive, a natural beauty and a natural heritage not operates. Whereas our ti res c zones are common natural heritage which n require a valuation and sustainable use for the benefit of the n g n b operations pr present and future. PR occupied by growing human pressure in areas c ti res Comorian led ant their fragile balance. (D) interested to stop and reverse current trends of degradation of areas ti res c d. Worried about the major risks that could be produced by the effects of climate change in the areas it res c whether the increase in the level of the sea, tsunamis and conscious n need of measures pr preventive to reduce the impact of ph name nes natural such as tidal waves of mar e. convinced that ti res c areas are more vulnerable to climate change vulnerability and their protection thus put in place of activity s d adaptation seems rative imp and urgent aware that the enhancement of site c tier and tourist Moidzazamboini, distinctive laugh by a rich biodiversity through activities promoting ecotourism, strengthening the information management capabilities and coastal protection, is a better alternative for the sustainable management of site and the improvement of the living conditions of local populations am. The Comoros is far d pass these islands Sisters (Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar and the union r) mati re of tourism has been of its tourist attractions that remains e inexploit until nowadays. Some studies are established by the Ministry of tourism and shows that in 2004 the Comoros hosted 18,000 tourists. This means that the country has tourist potential including an agroecosystem me Virgin, an active volcano, green mount, rare fauna that can generate growth earnings of population and the country standards. The islands of the moon are undoubtedly advantages to do. This wealth that gods available we should be valuing and d develop for the good of the country. This requires n: time, lots of time... and money, lots of money... But also a will on the part of the leaders and the communities. On this, the association of Moindzaza Mboini with its experience in the field sustainable development re sees n need to protect and enhance the site of Moindzaza known by its marine biodiversity and its agroecosystem me Virgin e threatened to endangered by acts combines human. This project is part of the objectives of the GEF and the s priority of the national policy of the Government. 1.2 organizational context and the ability to implement the project (1page) L Association for the development sustainable Ulanga Mboini (ADDUM) Moindzaza D is a non-governmental organization non profit. It is apolitical. She recorded today today a long experience in mati re of l environment management and the promotion of ecotourism in his village. It has among its members of external sup technicians, women and young people educated, motiv and passionate e d a healthy and respectful environment. Its many ann es exp s experiments is invested in the struggle for a sustainable environment through its activities of protection and valorization of the sides. D develop an ecotourism sustainable and profitable, educate youth on a participate and create business initiatives based on community as the best way to build a sustainable and better future. She also aims to strengthen the capabilities of young people and women in the village of Moindzazamboini its areas of intervention are the following: education, training and culture, environment, sant, promotion of tourism, agriculture and the lifting, justice and the primaut of law, health and the hygiene do ADDUM is active in the community of Moidzazaboini. She contributed several projects the scale national and m me local, including the construction of library products, creation of public squares, the promotion of culture through exposure of the th very and folk dance. 1.3Objectifs project and results expected (1 page) 3.1 objectives objective g n ral on the basis of the national strategy strat r reduction of poverty (CPRs) and the national policy for the ecotourism, the goal of the project is to contribute to the valorisation of the agroecosystem my Navy, sustainable management of the c your and the promotion of ecotourism through setting up d a syst me of co-management and conservation of marine resources and the construction of bungalows, multipurpose hall and natural pools in the coast of Moindzazamboini. Objectives specific objective 1: educate the local communities for the protection and management of marine resources and zone c ti re: inform the population about the importance of pr server resources of the marine environment and ti res c areas. Strengthen the capabilities of
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