Project Category
Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
The Kaskasu village location is perspective for tourism development. Village is situated high in the mountains, between Aksu-Zhabagyly State Natural Reserve and Sairm-Ugam National Park. But local population still has no enough knowledge and experience of participation in tourist business. In spite of that fact that the village has strategic significance in regional ecological tourism development, there are no well equipped guest house, etc. The project goal is to promote development of ecological tourism in Kaskasu with active involvement of the local community into the process through equipment of guest houses, camping construction, souvenirs manufacture and opening of guide service center, equipment and horses rent centers. Project tasks: 1. To carry out 3 adjusting seminars Participation of local community in ecological tourism development for interested inhabitants of Dihankol and Kaskasu villages. 2. Preparation of five room guest houses adequate to standard requirements, with warm shower and toilet. 3. Construction of 0.3 ha camping in Aitbek-Asu gorge with garbage-collectors, parking and toilets. 4. Opening of guide service center, equipment and horses rent centers. 5. Opening souvenir trade point in Kaskasu village, presenting works of Kaskasu, Tonkeris and Dihankol villages masters Expected results: 1. Information campaign, training seminars on ecological tourism and hotel business, initial preparation of guides-conductors for local communities are carried out 2. Created Work Group provides realization of ecological tourism concept, as tool of sustainable development 3. Camping in Aitbek-Asu gorge is constructed with parking, two jurts and tents. Camping is supplied with toilet, garbage-collectors and other services. 4. Guest houses with warm shower and internal toilet is constructed in Kaskasu village. The guest house can simultaneously accept up to ten tourists. Trade point of koumiss and national dairy drinks with capacity not less than 10 l/day function near guest house and supply tourists with pure and fresh products. 5. Local population and local ecological NGOs receive additional incomes due to ecotourism development. 6. Not less than 12 workplaces (guest house - 2, dairy products realization point - 2, parking - 2, souvenirs center - 4, guides-conductors-2) are created.
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Our Reference Number
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