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Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
The community of Three Hills is located 23 kilometers from Buenos Aires Potrero Grande in a area that is located inserted into a strip of land bordered by the l limits of La Amistad International Park, which was established in the year 1982 an area located on the upper parts of the Cordillera de Talamanca , where for several years some rural communities that rely on subsistence agricultural production n settled . However with the establishment of this protected wilderness area many of the farms neighboring community of Three Hills were inside the park , which the oblig leave their productive activities and mimas farms. This provoked MIGRATION n the majority of its residents to other regions , something that led to a desarticulaci n community development , and a decline in some fields such as education ny developing infrastructure. Such is the case that the school was closed , roads became virtually impassable pr with the consequences this has on trade and access to b musicians . All this motiv n a relationship of confrontation between the community and MINAE aspect that has substantially changed the date . Since then there have been several attempts to work together with the authorities of MINAE to access attractive tur appliances that park , however it was from the year 2000 when inici a rapprochement between the community organization and Manag n STACK , achieving a realistic approach and to cast a joint working initiative initially focused on improving the capacity of the local MANAGEMENT n for the development of your organization. It is as well as the present document intends the attainment n funding to develop a program of training, involving the environmental part with the productive to give an alternative production na villagers compatible with the environment around them , while members n the commission of biol logical corridor acquire knowledge and experience to implement activities that strengthen the local MANAGEMENT n and logical consolidation of biol broker as such and an awareness of the importance of resources for community development is acquired. GENERAL OBJECTIVE Establish exchanges of experience that allows the strengthening of the Association of Tourism of Three Hills in the proper use and management of natural resources and for the elaboration autogesti n ny Strengthening project execution , diversification and marketing of n blackberry production org nica n SPEC FICOS Contents OBJECTIVES exchange experiences Biol logical Broker Talamanca- Caribbean to strengthen the logical Broker Biol Quetzal Three Hills. An exchange of experience with The Friendship Association of Manufacturers ( ASOPROLA ) . Identify a strategy for the elaboration of a n n action plan for growing vegetables niques org . Perform work sections of the Association of Tourism and Three Hills n Local Broker commission Biol logical El Quetzal Three Hills.
Costa rica
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