Project Category
Project Category
Environmental policy and administrative management
Project Description
Project Description
The project spans 10 Ind genas Territories pa s South Zone , namely : Boruca , Curr King , T rraba , Conte Burica , Coto Brus, Guaym Osa Abrojo Montezuma , Salitre , Cabagra and Ujarr sy adem s in the communities of Bajo de Conte , Las Vegas Conte Burica Pavones and Golfito ; which five are inhabited Ind nous Peoples who are Bruncas , the Teribes , the Guaym It is the Bribri and Cab cares . The area comprising the territories is 114,692 hectares with a population of 16,024 inhabitants ind n nous . Territories and Communities Ind genas mentioned are located in the Province of Puntarenas , in the cantons of Buenos Aires , Corredores , Coto Brus and Golfito , all from the south of the pa s . The project will be implemented by the Regional Council of the Southern Zone and its general objective : To contribute to the protection n of natural resources and the protection of the environment to trav TRAINING n s of environmental courts and strengthening groups COVIRENAS in ten ind nous reserves in the south by ny talks TRAINING programs . This n be doing workshops for the formation TRAINING n ny are actual n of n Legislaci COVIRENAS environmental groups and also for the formation n n polic environmental network , as civilian and security , and seek to ensure the order in communities. In addition it is intended that the conformation n COVIRENAS of courts order that crimes and conflicts are resolved genas ind by ind genas own and not as sul . General Objective n Contribute to the protection of natural resources and protection of the environment to trav TRAINING n s of environmental courts and strengthening COVIRENAS groups in ten ind nous reserves in the south through programs TRAINING ny talks . Objectives Promote Spec FICOS or a change in attitude ( concientizaci n) in the population of 10 Ind nous reserves in the south by groups na TRAINING functions environmental courts and by strengthening the COVIRENAS groups . O Strengthening the network through the creation n COVIRENAS a cop environmental , safety and civil order, with all the knowledge in the affairs of n Solving conflicts in each ind nous territories in the south . Or COVIRENAS n Solving Courts as conflicts between ind genas thereby decreasing the n number of complaints that come before the formal courts
Costa rica
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Our Reference Number
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