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Project Description
Project Description
This project aims to contribute to a visible n com n to guide the development and promotion of Agriculture Org nica both in the North and Regi n Hutar ntica Atl , as well as in the Regi Regi n and n Chorotegan Pac fico Central . It has been designed to replicate the experience of n formulation of a regional strategy in the southern part of the pa s supported by local , subregional and regional participatory processes of producing org and Nicaraguans . General - Purpose: n Elaboration of a national strategy for the promotion of organic production n with vision medium and long term to help position the n organic production as a regional policy development to build an alternative development based on management equitable integrated comde the water, soil, biodiversity and culture supplement n construction process of the National Strategy for Organic Agriculture resources. In this context it is understood that this project is part of the effort n formulation of the National Strategy for Agriculture Org nica , process led by the Movement of Costa Rican Agriculture Org nica and supported by local labor organizations and producers (as) org mechanics . The proposal makes explicit a trav s development workshops for local generation of proposals to the short , medium and long term, with a regional workshop for regi n n and the attainment of results outlined in a document to be presented to local and regional authorities in order to promote the development of pol policies and institutional and organizational processes work to achieve promote and enhance the development of production n org nica at least four areas of work, namely : n production , development processing initiatives or n industrialization , market development and development support services to production org nica n , thereby seeking to regional results , but with a national vision n . The process is designed to strengthen the performance of producer organizations (as) org mechanics by working together and the relationship with other organizations of the Movement of Costa Rican Agriculture Org nica . Adem s approach is to incorporate agroecotur stico at least one of the regions , as a particular approach that benefits farm families engaged in the agricultural activities shaped tails org nica , on the conservation of the environment and human health . N The inclusion of this complementary approach is proposed to take advantage of the conditions of the areas involved. The Movement of Costa Rican Agriculture Org nica is a meetin space concertation ny n that re ne national actors linked to agriculture org nica . L It is part of a growing and diverse group of producers and producer organizations across the mere pa n s , n also involved state entities linked to production org nica n as the National Programme for Agriculture Org nica , INA , CNP , non-governmental bodies such as COPROALDE , CEDECO , consulting with acad mica as UNED, CATIE, UCR, UNA and RERI . This uni n is given with the aim of creating a National Strategy for Agriculture Org nica . With the development of the processes of construction n of the National Strategy for Agriculture Org nica , where n Brunca Regi ter cap and Central Valley , as well as processes MANAGERIAL n pol tica gestate a law aimed at the promotion and development of No domestic production org nica , have consolidated much of the concept and the din mica org nica Agriculture Movement Costarricense . Clearly the n appropriation by producers and producers Strategies and process MANAGERIAL n strategies , it s not as tools to frame their development projects and to interact and negotiate , but as an identity. The Movement is increasingly a meeting , ny identifi joint work , especially among organizations of producers. N The process of construction of the National Strategy for Agriculture Org nica , certainly not all the din mica Movement , but at this point your best presentation letter ny your best reason to grow and consolidate . As a result of the regional papers, the Movement of Costa Rican Agriculture Org nica has been enriched with n active participation of the working groups of the surveyed regions. These processes have been developed and adapted a methodology to work that has generated excellent results in t terms of proposals , and especially has allowed the appropriation ne IDENTIFICATION n producers process that has begun to grow and acquire their own pace. All Areas involved in this proposal, in one way or another have an important tourist influx guitar . Proposals are agroecotur SICAS initiatives that are taking place especially in North Regi n Hutar at least the last three years and has been articulated to productive systems and in particular the system of production org nica n , because in this type of system gives greater interaction between different actors n either consumer or farmer farmer farmer and merchant tourist. The activity has been gaining momentum , the z ra n CONCERNS people from the conservation of the environment in this way, in the San Carlos this type of tourism is in high demand . For example in the year 1990 alone had such an involved touring a total of 40 tourists and college students in the U.S. and in 2003 140 students were received and it is expected that the maximum pr year this number has grown seg n contacts made in France and the United States (source Eco Teach). However, a need to improve the conditions in which communities currently operating , which are not the most approp
Costa rica
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