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Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
Village pp fringe of Kribi is d a great for t d e constitute a standard for the sant biodiversit. FA on traditional, the pygmies are Baca lis who live there use the resources of their natural environment to heal despite l implantation of the modern medicine non m away from s village qu they live, c is what is d sign usually as the pharmacop e devoted more to the syst me s non occidentalis people care. This syst me care cona t of s difficult with two new items l which are s signal by the pygmies are as responsible for the loss of its quality: d afforestation (L timber through concessions granted es companies Western, Malaysian or Chinese. The main esp these feat es are l Ayous, Ghazal, mahogany, Assamela, Doussi, Freak, Sapeli, etc, then crop plantations, especially cocoa, palm oil (SOCAPALM), h v a (H v cam), l slash and hunting) and climate change (global climate is undergoing dramatic changes that have consequences at the local level). S regard to climate change, they affect the foresti res m herbs species because since a few decades d, the global climate is undergoing dramatic changes that have consequences at the local level. O areas live the Pygmies es, n escape not this are alit, disturbances of d blends of the seasons, the periods of succession p classic seasons s tasks/rainy seasons are completely chamboul es, which has consequences on the cover v g tal, one of the main bases of care among the pygmies are. The change of the seasons has consequences on the flowering of plants, useful in foraging for flowers to make honey, very common component in your system me care of the pygmies are. Another problem hindering me e pharmacop: d limitation of Campo Maan national park is the example that brandish these indigenous people to show their marginalization in decision-making of State actors and communal decisions. Face the loss of the quality of their syst me care for the reasons above voqu, the pygmies are d hang d now much more modern medicine m who has a co t unfortunately not the height of their scholarship, d o increase in mortality. With this in mind, we offer the traditional e Pharmacop project: support r g n ration and the sustainable management of the plants herbs for conservation of floral biodiversity in indigenous communities Baca read. He overall objective is to contribute to strengthening involvement of Baca DSL in r g n ration, the conservation and sustainable management of plants m herbs of great value in field device of Kribi for l am improvement and enhancement of the traditional e pharmacop, the project sites are more pr cis ment the villages Beside II and Beside Ithe communities who live there are the Bomlafenda, these villages are located a few kilom very by the SOCAPALM KIENKE and H v cam plantations plantations.
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Our Reference Number
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