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Records Found :  54  
Ref NoPosting DateLocationValueShort Description
2001218140310 10-Mar-2014 Iceland Not Specified Pharmaceutical products View Project Detail
2004318140301 01-Mar-2014 Iceland Not Specified Firefighting vehicles View Project Detail
2008818140217 17-Feb-2014 Iceland Not Specified Excavating and earthmoving work View Project Detail
2004318140217 17-Feb-2014 Iceland Not Specified Canteen and other restricted-clientele cafeteria services View Project Detail
2023418140214 14-Feb-2014 Iceland Not Specified Snow-clearing services View Project Detail
2000318140120 20-Jan-2014 Iceland Not Specified Miscellaneous food products View Project Detail
2000018140120 20-Jan-2014 Iceland Not Specified Fruit vegetables View Project Detail
2002718140116 16-Jan-2014 Iceland Not Specified Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) equipment View Project Detail
2002418140116 16-Jan-2014 Iceland Not Specified Detection apparatus View Project Detail
2008218140115 15-Jan-2014 Iceland Not Specified Time accounting or human resources software development services View Project Detail
2009318140115 15-Jan-2014 Iceland Not Specified Cleaning services View Project Detail
2002318140115 15-Jan-2014 Iceland Not Specified Road salt View Project Detail
2006918140115 15-Jan-2014 Iceland Not Specified Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services View Project Detail
2002018131213 13-Dec-2013 Iceland Not Specified Defibrillator View Project Detail
141416130306 06-Mar-2013 Iceland 0 IPA Supply of monitoring stations for implementation of Water Framework Directive and Floods Direc View Project Detail
142116130306 06-Mar-2013 Iceland 0 IPA Acquisition of geo-referenced data (digital terrain model) for implementation of Water Framewo View Project Detail
264118130214 14-Feb-2013 Iceland 0 Cleaning services View Project Detail
264218130214 14-Feb-2013 Iceland 0 Auditing services View Project Detail
143516130207 07-Feb-2013 Iceland 0 Scheduled air transport services View Project Detail
420318130128 28-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Snowblowers View Project Detail
570918130123 23-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Pharmaceutical products View Project Detail
571018130123 23-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Chickens View Project Detail
572318130123 23-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Repair and maintenance services of firefighting equipment View Project Detail
169618130118 18-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Firefighting vehicles View Project Detail
169718130118 18-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Cleaning products View Project Detail
169818130118 18-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Animal products, meat and meat products View Project Detail
169918130118 18-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 School furniture View Project Detail
170018130118 18-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Miscellaneous computer equipment View Project Detail
170118130118 18-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Toner cartridges View Project Detail
170218130118 18-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Office supplies View Project Detail
170318130118 18-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Fruit vegetables View Project Detail
171918130118 18-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Street-cleaning services View Project Detail
172018130118 18-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Motor vehicles for the transport of 10 or more persons View Project Detail
172318130118 18-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services View Project Detail
172418130118 18-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Printing services View Project Detail
182218130116 16-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Fish View Project Detail
182318130116 16-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Miscellaneous food products View Project Detail
182418130116 16-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Fuels View Project Detail
182518130116 16-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Pasta products View Project Detail
183418130116 16-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Cleaning services View Project Detail
183518130116 16-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Refuse and waste related services View Project Detail
53518130111 11-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Snowploughs View Project Detail
266218130109 09-Jan-2013 Iceland 0 Road salt View Project Detail
347018121229 29-Dec-2012 Iceland 0 Road construction works View Project Detail
348718121220 20-Dec-2012 Iceland 0 Library automation equipment View Project Detail
459318121219 19-Dec-2012 Iceland 0 Structural steel erection work for structures View Project Detail
240018121208 08-Dec-2012 Iceland 0 linear accelerators View Project Detail
135918121121 21-Nov-2012 Iceland 0 bridge construction work View Project Detail
136018121121 21-Nov-2012 Iceland 0 road construction works View Project Detail
10418121023 23-Oct-2012 Iceland 0 IPA acquisition of laboratory equipment to ensure food safety in Iceland View Project Detail
9300118120825 25-Aug-2012 Iceland 0 search and rescue helicopters View Project Detail
479817120818 18-Aug-2012 Iceland 0 public road transport services View Project Detail
386916120726 26-Jul-2012 Iceland 0 various medicinal products View Project Detail
513716120704 04-Jul-2012 Iceland 0 insurance services View Project Detail

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