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Records Found :  347  
Ref NoPosting DateLocationValueShort Description
352051150630 30-Jun-2015 Sri Lanka 0 lk water supply and sanitation improvement project View Project Detail
300051150630 30-Jun-2015 Sri Lanka 0 early childhood development project View Project Detail
2002918140922 22-Sep-2014 Sri Lanka Not Specified The ADB assistance is a direct loan of up to $7.5 million to Commercial Leasing Company Ltd. (CLC). View Project Detail
2005318140916 17-Sep-2014 Sri Lanka $ 846785 The objective of the project is to work with National Development Bank PLC and Seylan Bank PLC to i View Project Detail
2009318140916 17-Sep-2014 Sri Lanka US $ 7500000 Cargills Foods Company (Private) Limited ( CFPL / Company ) plans to raise upto US$20 million from View Project Detail
2009218140916 17-Sep-2014 Sri Lanka Not Specified The proposed Project is an equity investment by IFC in Cargills Retail, to support the expansion of View Project Detail
2013718140614 14-Jun-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 48781 Establishment of the fire belt, rehabilitating degraded patches, uplift economic conditions of sele View Project Detail
2007318140614 14-Jun-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 50000 Rehabilitating tank system, watershed development, improvement of home gardens and capacity buildin View Project Detail
2017718140614 14-Jun-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 44419 Climate change adaptation to minimize sea level rise in Toduwawa and Nattandiya lagoon with activit View Project Detail
2019118140614 14-Jun-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 9390 This project is an extension of the Community Development Centre`s work in establishing a model hom View Project Detail
2019218140614 14-Jun-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 26000 Introducing soil conservation practices and supply of water for irrigation in order to improve the View Project Detail
2022918140614 14-Jun-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 4000 Rationale, objectives The project area is a natural breeding ground for freshwater hydrophytes and View Project Detail
2023218140614 14-Jun-2014 Sri Lanka Not Specified Biodiversity conservation and its continues enrichment through community based initiatives, capacit View Project Detail
2002318140614 14-Jun-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 2000 Baseline survey in the proposed community based water management and regenerative agriculture proje View Project Detail
2082918140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 43616 This project promotes an environmentally sustainable transport system by producing the first electr View Project Detail
2083018140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 11907 Awareness raising of communities, relavant officials and school children of the area; establishing View Project Detail
2083118140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 8635 Awareness raising of communitites on high degradation afffects on forsts, land and riverbanks due t View Project Detail
2083218140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 4750 Rationale Streams and other water bodies in the area have dried up due to deforestation. River bank View Project Detail
2083318140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 37198 Reconstruction of Rathtri wewa and feeder canal of Rathri wewa to store rainwater, soil conservatio View Project Detail
2083418140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 24368 Rationale All species of turtles considered endangered use the beaches along the Bundala National P View Project Detail
2082818140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 9452.58 Establishment and strengthening of farmer organizations, resource survey of selected homesteads, se View Project Detail
2091318140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 27500 Awareness raising on POPs in the Nuwara Eliya Municipal area for the activitites, awareness creatio View Project Detail
2046118140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 6672.87 Protect the watersheds of 3 reservoirs by planting trees and controlling soil erosion through the u View Project Detail
2046218140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 22700 The Nikmawatte, Haragama and Pubudugama Mountain Range is situated in the steep hill slopes facing View Project Detail
2046318140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 9114.98 Develop facilities of exicting farm as a resource centre, establish CBO`s, training of farmers on S View Project Detail
2046418140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 17600 This project is designed to address the urgent need for conservation measures to protect the ground View Project Detail
2046518140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 38000 This project will introduce soil conservation methods to the area, educating the community on soil View Project Detail
2046618140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 11100.74 Compile and publish educational materials on Butterflies, establish butterfly study groups in schoo View Project Detail
2046718140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 12350 This project will focus on the reconstruction and clearance of a drainage canal that supplies water View Project Detail
2046818140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 26900 This project will minimize land degradation in the forest mountain areas in the Badulla, Monaragala View Project Detail
2046918140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 25360 The objective of the project is to reduce land degradation in 100 acres of agricultural lands in Mu View Project Detail
2047018140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 25000 This project focuses on identification of local traditional rice varieties suitable for low country View Project Detail
2047118140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 11915 This grant is for an extension of Sabaragamu Janatha Padanama`s work in minimizing land degradation View Project Detail
2047218140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 10318 Community awareness and training programmes, growing a live fence of thorny bushes and trees for 5 View Project Detail
2047318140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 10974.66 Baseline survey of the watershed area, designing a participatory work plan with all stakeholders in View Project Detail
2047418140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 10449 Biodiversity conservation through promotion of sustainable agricultural methods such as the introdu View Project Detail
2047518140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 29409 Renovoating two dilapidated tanks in Horowpathana and Kahatagasdigiliya in the North Central provin View Project Detail
2047618140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 15605 Awareness raising of communities, producers and school children, organization of village producers View Project Detail
2047718140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 4450 Rationale, objectives Large number of youth is unemployed in the Kumbuk ara village. Although farmi View Project Detail
2047818140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 18200 Though the project focuses on Economic, Social, Cultural, and Environmental Development of the Tsun View Project Detail
2047918140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 7497 Pilot project on the Introduction of Paddy Husk as an Alternative to Firewood for the Operation of View Project Detail
2048018140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 9787 Rationale Catchment areas in the Matale district is rapidly reducing due to- Pinus plantation in th View Project Detail
2048118140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 5127 The forest reserve faces a threat of deterioration due to unsustainable human activities. The villa View Project Detail
2058418140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 20949 Selected reserve extent is exploited and abandoned which has resulted ceased water sources and inte View Project Detail
2058518140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 30000 In Sri Lanka, approximately 90% of rural households use biomass for cooking. Although biomass is a View Project Detail
2058818140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 18750 This project is focused on minimizing land degradation by encouraging the community in Koralai Patt View Project Detail
2058918140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 23000 Restoration of agro- Biodiversity through the dissemination of organic agriculture for the activiti View Project Detail
2059018140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 20370 The project focuses on two locations: Murutoluwa and Wathtawa in the Naula division of the Matale D View Project Detail
2059118140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 31995.20 Reef conservation, developing coral nurseries and replanting and monitoring, reef restoration train View Project Detail
2059218140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 27800 This project by the Foundation for Rural Community Development (FRCD) will focus on promoting susta View Project Detail
2061918140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 29640 Ruk Rakaganno will focus their project on creating a resource centre in the IFS-Popham Dambulla Arb View Project Detail
2058618140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 20520 Rationale: Eppawala though having enough water resources to get the water facility none of project View Project Detail
2058718140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 7864 Introduction of solar as a means of electrification and promotion of solar dryers in a rural commun View Project Detail
2062018140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 23200 The water hyacinth is considered one of the worst weeds in the world. This aquatic plant can create View Project Detail
2062118140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 21407 Engagement of CSOs and other stakholders in Sri Lanka towards RIO+20 for the activities informal me View Project Detail
2062318140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 17139.29 Conduct an exhibition and fair on World Environment Day including cultural activities, a dialogue, View Project Detail
2062418140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 23000 Removal of inasive plant species in Malala lagoon. Conservation and rehabilitation of indigenous pl View Project Detail
2062518140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 8483.43 Rationale: Remarkable decrease of the forest extent in the area due to increase in population, dema View Project Detail
2062618140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 17100 Dendro power, which is fuelwood-based energy, can function as an alternative energy source that has View Project Detail
2062718140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 10378 Rationale Villagers in the area use firewood as the source of fuel for their energy needs. Since da View Project Detail
2062218140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 8558.22 This project deals with the protection of the Nelli kele medicinal reserve. Some of the main activi View Project Detail
2062818140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 1912 Objectives Create awareness on environmental issues among school children. Activities Establish env View Project Detail
2063118140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 19097.40 Rationale: The under ground water in the area is hard with high concentration of fluoride. these fl View Project Detail
2059318140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 36421 Stabilization of degraded banks of the Daduru Oya Valley to provide water for agricultural lands an View Project Detail
2059418140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 1781 Rationale Sugarcane and chena cultivation has led to deforestation and have caused the natural spri View Project Detail
2059518140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 10108.58 Preparing a training manual for environmentally sound development project formulation, conduct five View Project Detail
2059618140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 30018.14 Conservation of home garden bio system and species in the natural environment, address the water sc View Project Detail
2059718140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 19340 Rationale, objectives Protect existing forest by preventing slash and burn agriculture. Provide sta View Project Detail
2059818140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 29560 In-situ turtle nest protection, monitoring through patrolling, beach cleaning, training tour guides View Project Detail
2059918140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 42841 Conducting a detailed survey on bio diversity and threats faced by the marine national park, constr View Project Detail
2062918140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 18597 Control, detection and monitoring of the spread of Mimosa pigra and Parthenium hysterophorus: alien View Project Detail
2063018140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 10412 Rationale The rush and reed based industries which were economically and culturally important have View Project Detail
2060018140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 11502 Awareness raising of communities in the use of agro-waste, conduct a baseline verification survey, View Project Detail
2060118140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 12724.62 Training of selected beneficiaries in food processing, cane crafting and hand made paper, improving View Project Detail
2060218140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 42498 Training on organic home gardening methods and restoration of tank View Project Detail
2063318140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 38000 The Masmulla Forest Reserve is located in the Matara District. This is a moist rainforest containin View Project Detail
2063418140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 28008 Introduction of soil conservation methods to the project site and the introduction of home gardens View Project Detail
2063518140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 5783.58 Rehabilitation of damaged and fire prone areas of the bufferzone of the forest in five GN divisions View Project Detail
2063618140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 16000 Conservation of the Heraliyawatta and Diyakapana area of the Walawe watershed for the activities -b View Project Detail
2063718140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 13080 In the presence of rising petroleum product prices such as kerosene and diesel, and in addition to View Project Detail
2063818140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 11646 Rationale: The Attanagalu river has been subject to severe erosion in the recent past. The reservat View Project Detail
2063918140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 1908 Rationale The Kirala kelaya is a fast disappearing marsh due to a large area of it being used by fa View Project Detail
2064018140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 21171 Proposed RunaKanda forest area is highly sensitive for biodiversity losses. Local communities are t View Project Detail
2064118140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 9796.33 Establishing environment societies in 3 selected schools of the area and train them on selected top View Project Detail
2065418140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 44171 Imbulgodayagama tank rehabilitation. Activities include tank de-silting, renovation of sluice gate, View Project Detail
2065518140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 17887 Removal of invasive species and replanting of native species, community guardianship for plants, en View Project Detail
2065618140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 18424 Identified forest extent of devalakelle, 15 acres is being rapidly deteriorating due to human activ View Project Detail
2065718140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 77859 Conservation of marine turtles, provide livelihoods for Tsunami affected communities, create educat View Project Detail
2065818140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 23897 Acquisition of environment videos, translating the script, dubbing and sound mixing, preparing hand View Project Detail
2065918140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 19000 Conservation of Biodiversity at Udukiriwela Reservoir View Project Detail
2066018140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 44088 Conservation of local bamboo species, promote the use of bamboo for furniture and for the construct View Project Detail
2066118140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 4403 Publication of a Newletter for "GEF/SGP" of Sri Lanka" and the preparation of a Brochure/leaflet on View Project Detail
2066218140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 68383 Coral Restoration, beach cleaning environment education and livelihood development in the Rumassall View Project Detail
2066318140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 47500 Construction of five eco friendly houses for Tsunami affected communitites, restoration of coastal View Project Detail
2066418140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 35545 Ensuring the continued existence of the Arboretum and its biodiversity, particularly the rare speci View Project Detail
2066518140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 49467.81 Base line surveys, awareness raising for selected communities and schools in 4 Municipal divisions, View Project Detail
2072718140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 14178 Objectives of the project are; Renovation of existing ponds in home gardens. - Identify the benefic View Project Detail
2072818140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 9822 Introduction as paddy husk as a alternative to firewood for the operation of bakeries within Anurad View Project Detail
2072918140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 17929.08 Conducting baseline survey of village, selection of families and training in organic farming and mu View Project Detail
2073018140519 19-May-2014 Sri Lanka US$ 8634.95 Promoting partnership building and celebration of Environmental Day 2004. SGP celebrated Enviroment View Project Detail

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