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Browse the comprehensive collection of tender notices and invitation to bid issued by various government departments of Andhra Pradesh and other public sector enterprises including infrastructure, health, Defence IT sector etc. We have thousands of Andhra Pradesh tenders in our database collected from various websites, newspapers and trade journals.

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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
1580816190323 23-Mar-2019 16-Apr-2019 Refer Document. 15 amps mcb part no.12319363, 30amps mcb part no.12319417, 100amps circuit breakers part no.123194
1551116190323 23-Mar-2019 11-Apr-2019 Refer Document. supply of tanks & pipes insulation material
1551016190323 23-Mar-2019 11-Apr-2019 Refer Document. pest control in shar canteens
1550916190323 23-Mar-2019 11-Apr-2019 Refer Document. di pipes and fittings for pif project
1548216190323 23-Mar-2019 25-Mar-2019 Refer Document. purchasing computers & printers
1540516190323 23-Mar-2019 08-Apr-2019 Refer Document. supply of automatic wireless weather monitoring system with computer interface data logger and sui
1538216190323 23-Mar-2019 11-Apr-2019 Refer Document. supply of 90 hp tractor
1516616190323 23-Mar-2019 29-Mar-2019 Refer Document. supply and installation of server for computer lab
1473816190323 23-Mar-2019 03-Apr-2019 INR 244045147 supply, installation, testing, comm. of transformers, dg set, lt switch gears, high mast, cabling,
1432716190323 23-Mar-2019 23-Apr-2019 Refer Document. repainting of various structures in co area including cdcp4 structures
1432616190323 23-Mar-2019 15-Apr-2019 Refer Document. inspection segregation and packaging of rolled products
1432516190323 23-Mar-2019 08-Apr-2019 Refer Document. tech. assistance for operation & maintenance activities of new ......jlm
1432416190323 23-Mar-2019 05-Apr-2019 Refer Document. for soda ash (tech grade) as per is:251-1998
1432316190323 23-Mar-2019 05-Apr-2019 Refer Document. providing bt renewal coat to existing roads in the township mdm
1432216190323 23-Mar-2019 02-Apr-2019 Refer Document. electrical repair jobs in es
1432116190323 23-Mar-2019 30-Mar-2019 Refer Document. overahauling of mill equipments in wire rod mill
1420016190323 23-Mar-2019 30-Mar-2019 Refer Document. lot no: 1 pcb grp :[pre-bid emd for vizag-07] lot name: duty credit scrips, lot desc :sale of duty
1419916190323 23-Mar-2019 30-Mar-2019 Refer Document. lot no: 1 lot name: demolition of old slaughter house building, lot desc :old slaughter house buil
1419816190323 23-Mar-2019 30-Mar-2019 Refer Document. lot no: 2 lot name: demolition of ambulatory clinic room, lot desc :old ambulatory clinic roomdime
1419716190323 23-Mar-2019 22-Mar-2019 Refer Document. lot no: 1 pcb grp :[insulated copper wire scrap] lot name: ground clearance lot :unserviceable ber
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