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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
1003052191116 16-Nov-2019 02-Dec-2019 INR 997750 arc for erection of ht, lt & tc
1002816191116 16-Nov-2019 04-Dec-2019 Refer Document. selection of partner for design, supply, implementation and maintenance of a digital trunked radio
1002052191116 16-Nov-2019 26-Nov-2019 Refer Document. purchase of tool kit bag
1001052191116 16-Nov-2019 28-Nov-2019 INR 495385 retrofitting work of rcc structure
1000052191116 16-Nov-2019 28-Nov-2019 INR 1945577 providing, fabricating & fixing m s cover to boiler drain
999052191116 16-Nov-2019 06-Dec-2019 INR 488007 for work of miscellaneous fabrication and erection of walkway, platform and hand railing and replac
998052191116 16-Nov-2019 29-Nov-2019 INR 282950 providing of hiring services for jcb , hdyra and tractor
997052191116 16-Nov-2019 29-Nov-2019 INR 218237 labour charges for polishing of existing mosaic tiles of t. g. floor & bc bay 15.50mtr for #3,4&5
996052191116 16-Nov-2019 29-Nov-2019 INR 774135 work of on line leak sealing services for high temperature & pressure valves
995052191116 16-Nov-2019 28-Nov-2019 INR 175608 supply of generator shaft earthing brush for unit 3,4 & 5
994052191116 16-Nov-2019 05-Dec-2019 INR 46262917 supply, installation & commissioning of online energy management system (ems) including retrofittin
993052191116 16-Nov-2019 28-Nov-2019 INR 688845 supply of #150 class gate valves
992052191116 16-Nov-2019 29-Nov-2019 INR 31507850 work of complete overhauling of oilers with air pre heater of 210mw boilers of unit no-4, 5, 6(stag
991052191116 16-Nov-2019 28-Nov-2019 INR 3664100 for supply , installation & commissioning of new battery set and buy back of old battery set having
990052191116 16-Nov-2019 28-Nov-2019 INR 430488 for contract for the work of calibration & repairing of stack monitoring kit and weather monitoring
989052191116 16-Nov-2019 28-Nov-2019 INR 3031054 for supply of air pre-heater spares
988052191116 16-Nov-2019 28-Nov-2019 INR 6843357 replacement work of 250nb ci line to m. s. erw pipe lines from etp common header to ash plant of un
987052191116 16-Nov-2019 25-Nov-2019 INR 370944 bi-annual upkeeping, grass cutting & housekeeping of control room
986052191116 16-Nov-2019 25-Nov-2019 INR 200599 work of attending oil leakage of 50 mva 132/66 kv gec make power transformer
985052191116 16-Nov-2019 22-Nov-2019 INR 6293792 work of erection of 66kv s/c line
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