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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
1099618191213 13-Dec-2019 26-Dec-2019 Refer Document. welcome maint including certain br repair in md accn under age br i at ahmedabad cantt
1099518191213 13-Dec-2019 26-Dec-2019 Refer Document. welcome maint including certain br repair in md accn under age br ii at ahmedabad cant
1091618191213 13-Dec-2019 28-Dec-2019 Refer Document. outsourcing of conservancy and housekeeping services under ge(p)(af) jamnagar
1091518191213 13-Dec-2019 27-Dec-2019 Refer Document. repairs and painting to steel furniture at af stn bhuj
1091418191213 13-Dec-2019 27-Dec-2019 Refer Document. repairs and cleaning of sewage line septic tank man holes soak wells and connected items in techni
1091318191213 13-Dec-2019 26-Dec-2019 Refer Document. repair to certain b/r works in smq area and repair to flooring, plastering, plinth protection and
1091218191213 13-Dec-2019 14-Dec-2019 Refer Document. provision of outsourcing services for housekeeping, maintenance of various bldgs of mes offices, c
1091118191213 13-Dec-2019 14-Dec-2019 Refer Document. special repair for replacement of certain furniture items against condemnation and demolition and
1082818191213 13-Dec-2019 28-Dec-2019 Refer Document. comprehensive repairs/replacement/maintenance of dg sets, eot cranes, changeover switches, amf pan
1082718191213 13-Dec-2019 26-Dec-2019 Refer Document. repair/replacement of to sanitary fittings, plumbing works, plastering and flooring etc in omq are
1077918191213 13-Dec-2019 27-Dec-2019 Refer Document. painting and polishing of wooden and steel furniture under ge af bhuj
1077818191213 13-Dec-2019 26-Dec-2019 Refer Document. maintenance repair replacement to earthing infrastructure including miscellaneous items at af stn
1077718191213 13-Dec-2019 26-Dec-2019 Refer Document. repair/maintenance of certain e/m services at af stn deesa under ge (af) baroda
1026118191213 13-Dec-2019 09-Jan-2020 Refer Document. peak power meters
1026018191213 13-Dec-2019 04-Jan-2020 Refer Document. affordable housing for economically weaker section-at rs-928, fp-189, tp-60 gotri - gaytripura, va
1025918191213 13-Dec-2019 01-Jan-2020 Refer Document. cleaning and sanitation service 2.0
1025818191213 13-Dec-2019 01-Jan-2020 Refer Document. computer printers
1025718191213 13-Dec-2019 31-Dec-2019 Refer Document. desktop computers
1025618191213 13-Dec-2019 31-Dec-2019 Refer Document. cleaning and sanitation service 2.0
1025518191213 13-Dec-2019 30-Dec-2019 Refer Document. telephone instrument single push button
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