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1203618191116 16-Nov-2019 05-Dec-2019 Refer Document. supply of hydraulic oil, structural steel and providing entire erection services viz. unloading, s
1198018191116 16-Nov-2019 25-Nov-2019 Refer Document. line intractive ups with avr
1197918191116 16-Nov-2019 25-Nov-2019 Refer Document. computer printers
1197818191116 16-Nov-2019 25-Nov-2019 Refer Document. desktop computers
1182118191116 16-Nov-2019 28-Nov-2019 INR 4045000 hiring of commercial diesel vehicles for use
1181018191116 16-Nov-2019 19-Nov-2019 Refer Document. providing and fixing glass panes in a.g office a.g doranda, ranchi
1171718191116 16-Nov-2019 21-Nov-2019 Refer Document. supply of spares for ball mills required for mechanical mill of uranium corporation of india (ucil
1169818191116 16-Nov-2019 21-Nov-2019 Refer Document. supply of spares of vasa pumps on annual rate contract basis required for mechanical mills/mines o
1149052191116 16-Nov-2019 03-Dec-2019 Refer Document. handheld brush cutter / line trimmer
1133052191116 16-Nov-2019 23-Nov-2019 Refer Document. line intractive ups with avr
1130052191116 16-Nov-2019 23-Nov-2019 Refer Document. television tv
1127052191116 16-Nov-2019 23-Nov-2019 Refer Document. sewing machine
1120052191116 16-Nov-2019 18-Nov-2019 Refer Document. lead acid storage batteries for motor vehicles
1117718191116 16-Nov-2019 21-Nov-2019 Refer Document. arc for round the clock operation, maintenance of 01(one) no. rail cabin and all associated signal
1112318191116 16-Nov-2019 06-Dec-2019 Refer Document. procurement of winding ropes for surda mines
1112218191116 16-Nov-2019 13-Dec-2019 Refer Document. procurement of vcb panel, 3.3 kv
1112118191116 16-Nov-2019 26-Nov-2019 Refer Document. procurement of industrial leather black colour safety shoe
1112018191116 16-Nov-2019 29-Nov-2019 Refer Document. procurement of cast steel ladles
1111918191116 16-Nov-2019 28-Nov-2019 Refer Document. procurement of controls for folding platform for pslv integration facility (pif) building
1111818191116 16-Nov-2019 30-Nov-2019 Refer Document. procurement of 02(two) nos. of three phase relay test kit for critl, dvc, maithon
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