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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
237917200406 06-Apr-2020 15-Apr-2020 Refer Document. tab. warfarin sodium 1 mg
237817200406 06-Apr-2020 15-Apr-2020 Refer Document. tab digoxin 0.25 mg
237617200406 06-Apr-2020 15-Apr-2020 Refer Document. inj hyoscyamine n-butylbromide 20 mg/ml 1 ml
237517200406 06-Apr-2020 15-Apr-2020 Refer Document. inj. hepatitis b recombinant antigen 1 ml
237417200406 06-Apr-2020 07-Apr-2020 Refer Document. portable x-ray machine.
236617200406 06-Apr-2020 15-Apr-2020 Refer Document. oint. silver sulphadiazine 1% w/w 500 gm in jars
236517200406 06-Apr-2020 15-Apr-2020 Refer Document. kit blood glucose god / pod 10*500 ml code 1201
236417200406 06-Apr-2020 15-Apr-2020 Refer Document. inj 2-pyridine aldoxime+methiodide 25 mg 20 ml (pam)
232717200406 06-Apr-2020 19-May-2020 Refer Document. procurement of shoulder ballast cleaning machines, b.g(1676 mm) for indian railways
223117200406 06-Apr-2020 21-Apr-2020 Refer Document. casual rail renewal with new 52 kg/90 uts rails (260m panels) and anti corrosive painting for rails
221617200406 06-Apr-2020 07-Apr-2020 Refer Document. disposable face mask 3 ply
218617200406 06-Apr-2020 27-Apr-2020 Refer Document. radial cement contact grouting and water seepage prevention arrangements at pernem tunnel between ma
218217200406 06-Apr-2020 07-Apr-2020 Refer Document. n95 mask
216217200406 06-Apr-2020 07-Apr-2020 Refer Document. plastic dustbin
212817200406 06-Apr-2020 20-Apr-2020 Refer Document. expression of interest (eoi) for development, manufacturing & supply of mechanical timer (30/50 min.) along with timer key & rubber pad for influence mine adrushy mk-ii fuze
1263117200405 05-Apr-2020 25-Apr-2020 Refer Document. uniform jersey woolen ribbed v neck dgsd specification
1263017200405 05-Apr-2020 25-Apr-2020 Refer Document. uniform jersey woolen ribbed v neck dgsd specification
1262917200405 05-Apr-2020 25-Apr-2020 Refer Document. twill weave wool fabric cloth serge dress
1259017200405 05-Apr-2020 20-Apr-2020 Refer Document. desktop computers
1257817200405 05-Apr-2020 08-Apr-2020 Refer Document. synthetic life jacket- ndrf
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