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Search Tender details in rwd odisha civil tendesr odisha government eprocurement tenders orissa pwd tenders in all districts including cuttack bhubaneswar etc. electrical tender civil construction tender odisha cuttack pmgsy tenders odisha idco & other PSUs.

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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
611117200409 09-Apr-2020 28-Apr-2020 Refer Document. cleaning,house keeping maint. & development of gardens of ib, & ssc
609817200409 09-Apr-2020 28-Apr-2020 Refer Document. courier svce f/places within rourkela
608917200409 09-Apr-2020 24-Apr-2020 Refer Document. multifunction machines mfm
595117200409 09-Apr-2020 29-Apr-2020 Refer Document. bleaching powder stable
595017200409 09-Apr-2020 29-Apr-2020 Refer Document. lime
587517200409 09-Apr-2020 18-Apr-2020 Refer Document. electronic weighing scales
584117200409 09-Apr-2020 29-Apr-2020 Refer Document. automotive vehicles pneumatic tyres
584017200409 09-Apr-2020 29-Apr-2020 Refer Document. power cable for direct burial xlpe ugac cable
583917200409 09-Apr-2020 29-Apr-2020 Refer Document. xlpe cables for working voltages from 3.3 kv up to and including 33 kv
582317200409 09-Apr-2020 13-Apr-2020 Refer Document. transparent tape,scales (steel scale),ball point pen,correction tape,correction pens- white fluid,st
582217200409 09-Apr-2020 13-Apr-2020 Refer Document. hot or cold water dispenser
504217200409 09-Apr-2020 05-May-2020 Refer Document. elastic ring [aclathan ring] as per rdso spec. no. rdso/2007/el/spec/0053 with rev - o june 2007 wit
348317200409 09-Apr-2020 24-Apr-2020 Refer Document. amc for tkn analyser at rec lab cmpdi bhubaneswar
348117200409 09-Apr-2020 24-Apr-2020 Refer Document. procurement of bearing for dm1000-3 machine for cmpdi talcher
336917200409 09-Apr-2020 24-Apr-2020 Refer Document. miscellaneous electrical maintenance work of the switchgear/lighting system/cable termination /pm of the actuators /earth pit making /painting of light poles etc.
327617200409 09-Apr-2020 23-Apr-2020 Refer Document. lot no: 5 lot name: scrap tank/14.00 kl
327517200409 09-Apr-2020 23-Apr-2020 Refer Document. lot no: 1 lot name: wim wiegh bridge
327017200409 09-Apr-2020 23-Apr-2020 Refer Document. lot no: 11 lot name: scrap tank/22.00 kl & 14.00 kl
325917200409 09-Apr-2020 23-Apr-2020 Refer Document. lot no: 3 lot name: scrap tank/12.00 kl & 9.00 kl
325717200409 09-Apr-2020 24-Apr-2020 Refer Document. lot no: 1 lot name: tapped aluminium bath.
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