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1015916191116 16-Nov-2019 25-Nov-2019 Refer Document. conducting hydrographic survey in the reservoir of teesta-v power station for the year 2019-20.
931052191116 16-Nov-2019 21-Nov-2019 Refer Document. pet bottle shredder
684616191116 16-Nov-2019 20-Nov-2019 Refer Document. repair maint of sewage lines spetic tanks manhole including repair to drain protective wall and cl
681916191116 16-Nov-2019 21-Nov-2019 Refer Document. repair maint of flooring roof covering paneling and other connected works
681616191116 16-Nov-2019 27-Nov-2019 Refer Document. special repair to retaining wall
681116191116 16-Nov-2019 19-Nov-2019 Refer Document. repair/maint of lt panel board lt oh line and ug cable
217918191116 16-Nov-2019 29-Nov-2019 Refer Document. lot no: 2 pcb grp :[used batteries/lead acid batteries/lead acid cells & lead scrap] lot name: bat
217818191116 16-Nov-2019 29-Nov-2019 Refer Document. lot no: 1 lot name: truck mounted crane, regn no: ugp-4415
1299518191115 15-Nov-2019 16-Dec-2019 INR 18199288 rcr from mrl05-dahal turning to lower bering in east sikkim
1116318191115 15-Nov-2019 25-Nov-2019 Refer Document. repairs/maintenance of internal electrical fittings/fixtures, earthing, geysers, exhaust fans, sec
771216191115 15-Nov-2019 06-Dec-2019 INR 35663725 construction of grade d 2 block 16 units quarters for high court employees
771116191115 15-Nov-2019 06-Dec-2019 INR 65615194 construction of grade b and d quarters
765216191115 15-Nov-2019 26-Nov-2019 Refer Document. supply and stacking of stone aggregates and sand for gsb, wbm works
610416191115 15-Nov-2019 09-Dec-2019 INR 172128253 drawing of optical ground wire (opgw) cables on existing 132kv and 66 kv transmission lines and in
562916191115 15-Nov-2019 17-Dec-2019 INR 78068000 construction of 55.00m span bridge over
1524418191114 14-Nov-2019 23-Nov-2019 Refer Document. online ups
1488818191114 14-Nov-2019 27-Nov-2019 Refer Document. purchase of 66 kv capacitor voltage transformer
1488718191114 14-Nov-2019 27-Nov-2019 Refer Document. construction of 3d model at rangit power station
1402618191114 14-Nov-2019 20-Nov-2019 Refer Document. repair maint of cgi sheets tiling flooring joinery and other misc works at old cantt and swastik a
1402518191114 14-Nov-2019 02-Dec-2019 Refer Document. special repairs/ replacement of certain essential wooden and steel furniture items against survey
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