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1291518190322 22-Mar-2019 08-Apr-2019 Refer Document. grass cutting & cleaning of switchyards and surroundings at 220kv substation, .
1291418190322 22-Mar-2019 04-Apr-2019 Refer Document. hiring of 01 no. diesel operated jeep (mahindra bolero or equivalent class) with driver for one ye
1291318190322 22-Mar-2019 27-Mar-2019 Refer Document. protection of tower foundation of towers location (7,8,11,17 & 20 ) at 132 kv double circuit line.
1282318190322 22-Mar-2019 09-Apr-2019 Refer Document. supply of dry ramming mass
1273718190322 22-Mar-2019 09-Apr-2019 Refer Document. supply of dry ramming mass
1201018190322 22-Mar-2019 26-Mar-2019 Refer Document. supply point asc, joshimath is carrying out local purchase of special ration items for the period
1197218190322 22-Mar-2019 29-Mar-2019 Refer Document. mta (gen items and genr spares)
1191518190322 22-Mar-2019 26-Mar-2019 INR 18009252 moei in residential and non residential bldg., hostels, sports complex, pologround i/c compound li
1191418190322 22-Mar-2019 23-Mar-2019 Refer Document. miscellaneous work for the interservices meet in happy valley ground at lbsnaa, mussoorie during 2
1130218190322 22-Mar-2019 23-Apr-2019 Refer Document. construction of tunnelt-9, t-10 in connection with rksh-knpg new rail line project
1125818190322 22-Mar-2019 28-Mar-2019 Refer Document. buy oxygen and medical gases
1112718190322 22-Mar-2019 26-Mar-2019 Refer Document. purchase of e-rickshaw loader
1105418190322 22-Mar-2019 25-Apr-2019 Refer Document. poultry farm on land and construction thereon comprising in khewat no. 525 khatoni no. 762 kitte n
1104618190322 22-Mar-2019 30-Mar-2019 Refer Document. dismantling shifting of electrical installation from oo cgmt and pdg ei at proposed offices iq at
1103818190322 22-Mar-2019 26-Mar-2019 Refer Document. purchase of water dispenser
1083418190322 22-Mar-2019 08-Apr-2019 Refer Document. outsourcing of unskilled labour on daily wages for the year 2019-20
1077418190322 22-Mar-2019 10-Apr-2019 Refer Document. r and m of electrical installations at tapovan, dobat, nigalpani colony and offices and communicat
1067718190322 22-Mar-2019 22-Apr-2019 Refer Document. running of institute canteens
1066318190322 22-Mar-2019 24-Apr-2019 Refer Document. construction of part pk-3
935616190322 22-Mar-2019 08-Apr-2019 Refer Document. table fan / wall mount fan / ceiling mount fan
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