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1446052190722 22-Jul-2019 06-Sep-2019 Refer Document. supply, erection, commissioning and testing of digital abbe refractometer
1291816190722 22-Jul-2019 09-Aug-2019 Refer Document. prism, optical instrument
1291716190722 22-Jul-2019 09-Aug-2019 Refer Document. case canvas
1291616190722 22-Jul-2019 09-Aug-2019 Refer Document. case artillery and map boards mk 2
1291516190722 22-Jul-2019 09-Aug-2019 Refer Document. case carrying frp for sight night vision passive 5.56mm rifle insas 101a
1291416190722 22-Jul-2019 08-Aug-2019 Refer Document. set of optics of l/w bino
1291316190722 22-Jul-2019 23-Jul-2019 Refer Document. mo ei and fans i/c s/light in cpwd guest house and colony sh- pdg. of electrical wiring and fixtur
1288616190722 22-Jul-2019 24-Jul-2019 INR 364842 repairing of existing approach road sh:- providing and fixing kitchen shutters, under counter wall
1288316190722 22-Jul-2019 08-Aug-2019 Refer Document. engraving of scale artillery
1284016190722 22-Jul-2019 10-Aug-2019 Refer Document. supply of consumables required for annual maintenance of generator
1280216190722 22-Jul-2019 05-Aug-2019 Refer Document. providing mate , beldar for maintenance of road
1280052190722 22-Jul-2019 30-Jul-2019 Refer Document. digital teaching device
1274716190722 22-Jul-2019 08-Aug-2019 Refer Document. amc of i.t. eqpts for 2019-20
1274616190722 22-Jul-2019 29-Jul-2019 Refer Document. upgradation of lawn tennis ground
1274516190722 22-Jul-2019 29-Jul-2019 Refer Document. c/o green hut (size 18.30 x 6 m )
1274416190722 22-Jul-2019 29-Jul-2019 Refer Document. upgradation of toilets in officers mess
1246116190722 22-Jul-2019 09-Aug-2019 Refer Document. provision of maintenance services to arbo assets
1242616190722 22-Jul-2019 03-Aug-2019 Refer Document. laying of paver blocks outer side of medical college block (a1 outer),opd block (c1 outer) and oth
1242516190722 22-Jul-2019 07-Aug-2019 Refer Document. tender document for outsourcing of housekeeping( cleaning sweeping )
1240918190722 22-Jul-2019 01-Aug-2019 INR 1000000 supply of medicine and equipments
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