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747018190708 08-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / ASSAM procurement of copper plate as per tender specification at digboi refinery tenders
747118190708 08-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / Assam supply of thermocouple with thermowell at iocl guwahati refinery tenders
763218190709 09-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / HARYANA agency for hydro testing, ibr coordination and certification of waste heat boilers at refinery and tenders
763318190709 09-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / HARYANA hiring of 80t and 400t tyre mounted crane for shutdown jobs at refinery and petrochemical complex tenders
762018190709 09-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / Gujarat repair and maintenance of civil works at gujarat refinery township (zone-ii). tenders
760318190709 09-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / Assam supply of intrinsically safe motorola make wireless two way radio (walkie talkie) on rental basis tenders
762218190709 09-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / Gujarat carrying out miscellaneous horticulture works at administrative building complex of gujarat refine tenders
762318190709 09-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / Gujarat installation and commissioning of earthing pit and measurement of earth resistance at gujarat refi tenders
746918190708 08-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / Assam supply of complete gear box tenders
761918190709 09-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / GUJARAT provision of washroom facility at rcp/mov locations under wrpl, koyali base tenders
763118190709 09-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / HARYANA safety supervisors for assistance during shutdown to ensure safety and work permit compliance in i tenders
759718190708 08-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / West Bengal supply of mechanical consumable items as per tender tenders
764918190709 09-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / TELANGANA procurement of non sparking tools tenders
765118190709 09-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / Uttar Pradesh supply of spares parts for oms1 tfms at mathura refinery tenders
765218190709 09-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / Uttar Pradesh supply of spares for silica analyser to mathura refinery tenders
759618190708 08-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / West Bengal procurement of vibration pen and vibration meter as per iocl tender specification tenders
672218190702 02-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / HARYANA lining of chemist shop at pr hospital tenders
908918190702 02-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / Madhya Pradesh supply of industrial delivery hose for site mixed bulk explosives support plants tenders
935316190719 19-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / HARYANA rate contract for expert services of m/s ge for trouble shooting and maintenance of vibration moni corrigendum
932416190719 19-Jul-2019 20-Jul-2019 India / Jammu & Kashmir repair of 1 no 850 m3 hr faulty fire engines of cummins make at fwph jammu depot tenders
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