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Tenders For advanced vessel

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
28718200122 22-Jan-2020 04-Feb-2020 United States Tender For AE Services for Mobile District supporting the design of the Advanced Analysis Facility, Redstone
35818200122 22-Jan-2020 31-Jan-2020 United States Tender For Advanced Space Suit Lab Support (ASSLS)
47018200122 22-Jan-2020 28-Jan-2020 United States Tender For Forsenic Ballistic Microscope
51518200122 22-Jan-2020 21-Feb-2020 United States Tender For 120mm, Advanced Tungsten Armor Piercing, Fin Stabilized, Discarding Sabot with Tracer (APFSDS-T) K
52318200122 22-Jan-2020 07-Feb-2020 United States Tender For Lease of Office Space within Region 7. RLP #20-REG07 - OFFICE SPACE
53718200122 22-Jan-2020 12-Feb-2020 United States Tender For Medical Support Services for the Center for Domestic Preparedness
65418200122 22-Jan-2020 07-Apr-2020 United States Tender For Lease of Office Space within Region 5 using RLP #20-REG05 Peoria IL
76018200122 22-Jan-2020 20-Apr-2020 United States Tender For Advanced Electrolyte Model - AEM
359051200122 22-Jan-2020 09-Feb-2020 Kuwait Tender For supply of procellera antimicrobial wound dressing with advanced microcurrent technologysize 3.5 x17
502918200122 22-Jan-2020 04-Feb-2020 India / KARNATAKA Tender For Providing Comprehensive annual Maintenance of Advanced Microscopes for 3 years
612116200122 22-Jan-2020 11-Feb-2020 India / Gujarat Tender For Supply of Cell ID Capturing Tools with Advanced 4G Support
787818200122 22-Jan-2020 13-Feb-2020 China Tender For X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer Equipment Procurement Project of Multidimensional Scale Character
813018200122 22-Jan-2020 05-Feb-2020 Bahrain Tender For AMI SYSTEM FOR EXISTING SMART WATER METER FIXED
920918200122 22-Jan-2020 23-Jan-2020 India / Bihar Tender For Supply, Installation and Commissioning of various Bio-Medical Equipments.
989116200122 22-Jan-2020 03-Feb-2020 Poland Tender For Rolling stock
994616200122 22-Jan-2020 13-Feb-2020 Italy Tender For Railway equipment
1057318200122 22-Jan-2020 04-Feb-2020 Philippines Tender For 65 pc Battery AA, Advanced 42 pc Battery AAA, Advanced 14 pc Battery, black, AA 19 pc Battery, bla
1438216200122 22-Jan-2020 05-Feb-2020 India / MADHYA PRADESH Tender For Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Advanced Lightening
1508016200122 22-Jan-2020 17-Feb-2020 India / TELANGANA Tender For Advanced Surface Modeling module ICEM SHAPE DESIGN AERO EXPERT for CATIA CAD software
1635116200122 22-Jan-2020 27-Jan-2020 Philippines Tender For ACCESS POINT Networking Interface: DualBand Wi-Fi / Gigabit Ethernet Ports : (2) 10/100/1000 Ether

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