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Tenders For air pressurisation system

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
1350316200217 17-Feb-2020 03-Mar-2020 Brazil Tender For the purchase of parts and materials for the maintenance of an air conditioning system
1414816200217 17-Feb-2020 20-Feb-2020 Belarus Tender For Service for the comprehensive maintenance of internal engineering networks and equipment (water su
1421116200217 17-Feb-2020 23-Feb-2020 Belarus Tender For Purchase of integrated maintenance services for internal engineering networks and equipment, inclu
1428816200217 17-Feb-2020 20-Feb-2020 Belarus Tender For Purchase of maintenance services for internal engineering networks and equipment (water supply and
1430052200217 17-Feb-2020 25-Feb-2020 India / KARNATAKA Tender For Providing Irrigation facilities by drilling of borewell
1447316200217 17-Feb-2020 05-Mar-2020 Lithuania Tender For Air conditioning system installation work
1450916200217 17-Feb-2020 21-Feb-2020 Lithuania Tender For Facilities management services for electricity, buildings, water and sewage, heat and gas, air con
1492016200217 17-Feb-2020 21-Feb-2020 Belarus Tender For Aerodynamic measurement services, technical maintenance of supply and exhaust ventilation and air
1679616200217 17-Feb-2020 26-May-2020 Germany Tender For Mobile baggage inspection systems in air freight containers
1720916200217 17-Feb-2020 23-Mar-2020 Poland Tender For Cable distribution cabinet
1738016200217 17-Feb-2020 24-Mar-2020 France Tender For Special-purpose aircraft
1751716200217 17-Feb-2020 23-Mar-2020 Poland Tender For Construction work
1788016200217 17-Feb-2020 16-Mar-2020 United Kingdom Tender For Education and training services
1995916200217 17-Feb-2020 26-Feb-2020 India / CHHATTISGARH Tender For Metaklenze cleaning agent for cleaning of sintered bronze capsules of T Type air strainer used in
2160516200217 17-Feb-2020 13-Mar-2020 India / Punjab Tender For such as ID, FD,PA and Seal air Fans, Bowl Mills, R.C. Feeders and Bunkers, Coal Valves, Mill Rejec
2217116200217 17-Feb-2020 24-Feb-2020 India / Gujarat Tender For Providing Air Conditioning system for New Printing Machine at Government Press,Vadodara
2287016200217 17-Feb-2020 03-Mar-2020 India / WEST BENGAL Tender For SITC of Air conditioning system at different HOD rooms of OPD of NRSMCH
2316816200217 17-Feb-2020 04-Mar-2020 India / MAHARASHTRA Tender For Construction Office building for Central Excise and GST on plot no P 94 MIDC including water suppl
2328316200217 17-Feb-2020 25-Feb-2020 India / JAMMU & KASHMIR Tender For Supply of Audio Workstation and Sound Card System
2394416200217 17-Feb-2020 19-Feb-2020 India / HARYANA Tender For Procurement of Spares for Air Conditioning System

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