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Tenders For air quality

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
356118190621 21-Jun-2019 N/A Denmark Tender For Clothing, footwear, luggage articles and accessories
695416190614 14-Jun-2019 N/A Bosnia And Herzegovina Tender For Sarajevo Public Transport Modernization - Phase I
797016190613 13-Jun-2019 N/A Finland Tender For Architectural, engineering and planning services
803216190605 05-Jun-2019 N/A France Tender For EIB - Transport and Departmental Connectivity Programme (4618/GR-HA)
815316190605 05-Jun-2019 02-Oct-2019 Poland Tender For Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installation work
547718190604 04-Jun-2019 25-Sep-2019 Poland Tender For Solar panel roof-covering work
824416190603 03-Jun-2019 N/A Poland Tender For Solar photovoltaic modules
643916190523 23-May-2019 N/A Poland Tender For Supervision of building work
606816190516 16-May-2019 10-Oct-2019 Poland Tender For Hydro-electric plant construction work
824916190506 06-May-2019 N/A Germany Tender For Secondary school construction work
119051190420 20-Apr-2019 30-Sep-2019 Tender For supply of air quality monitoring equipment and data logging hard and software
797716190412 12-Apr-2019 N/A Czech Republic Tender For Management and maintenance services for the installations at the monitoring centre
45618190410 10-Apr-2019 N/A United Kingdom Tender For Food, beverages, tobacco and related products
1041518190327 27-Mar-2019 N/A Romania Tender For Survey design services
341218190326 26-Mar-2019 N/A Norway Tender For Sensors
1050116190323 23-Mar-2019 N/A Belgium Tender For ENI - Support to Ukraine in Approximation of the EU Environmental Acquis (Air Quality, Waste Manag
696718190320 20-Mar-2019 N/A Finland Tender For Meteorological instruments
565516190316 16-Mar-2019 N/A Italy Tender For Emission measurement equipment
622052190315 15-Mar-2019 07-Nov-2019 United States Tender For Proposed Amendments to Air Quality Regulations
2538716190312 12-Mar-2019 N/A Italy Tender For Die-stamping machines

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