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Tenders For data entry

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
15617191121 21-Nov-2019 09-Dec-2019 India / Uttar Pradesh Tender For Appointment Of Outsourcing Agency For Making Data Base Reports
36817191121 21-Nov-2019 20-Dec-2019 India / Bihar Tender For Selection For Firm, Company For Real Time Data Collection, Integration And Mis Generation For Mid
45117191121 21-Nov-2019 16-Dec-2019 India / West Bengal Tender For Procurement Of Scan Coin Printer Data Flex
283418191121 21-Nov-2019 09-Dec-2019 Philippines Tender For office supplies for fourth quarter stocks
584818191121 21-Nov-2019 09-Dec-2019 Philippines Tender For construction/improvement of access roads leading to trades, industries and economic zones - san ro
590018191121 21-Nov-2019 09-Dec-2019 Philippines Tender For rehabilitation of four (4) floor distributor (fd) including installation of (4) lot glass room par
694918191121 21-Nov-2019 10-Dec-2019 Philippines Tender For procurement of laboratory equipment
714218191121 21-Nov-2019 18-Dec-2019 Philippines Tender For consulting services for bfp ict road map with security plan, disaster recovery plan and compliance
1187818191121 21-Nov-2019 09-Dec-2019 China Tender For Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Frontier Science and Technology Innovation Inst
1240918191121 21-Nov-2019 23-Dec-2019 Poland Tender For Control and monitoring of work related to the creation and modernization of digital databases: EGi
1292918191121 21-Nov-2019 23-Dec-2019 Germany Tender For Conceptual advice on data-related
1407118191121 21-Nov-2019 10-Dec-2019 China Tender For Data Management Framework and Data Synchronization Technology Standard Verification Platform Devel
1410918191121 21-Nov-2019 13-Dec-2019 China Tender For [Shunyi] Inter-city hotspot data collection and application service item o
1416018191121 21-Nov-2019 10-Dec-2019 Croatia Tender For Procurement of data collection and pairing services for updating the Croatian Waters Property Mana
70117191120 20-Nov-2019 16-Dec-2019 India / Orissa Tender For Providing Data Entry Operator Field Enumerators For District Planning And Monitoring Unit
286418191120 20-Nov-2019 17-Dec-2019 India / KARNATAKA Tender For Data Entry Operators, Group D for Mid day meals Scheme Section Zillapanchayath & TalukPanchayath i
455918191120 20-Nov-2019 08-Dec-2019 Israel Tender For Purchase equipment for work in composite materials
456118191120 20-Nov-2019 12-Dec-2019 Israel Tender For Device calibration and adjusting if necessary with Continued 7000 Cargo
456218191120 20-Nov-2019 23-Dec-2019 Israel Tender For Digital radio contact systems

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