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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
94618190420 20-Apr-2019 30-Apr-2019 India / Punjab Tender For HANDHELD BRUSH CUTTER / LINE TRIMMER
178518190420 20-Apr-2019 23-Apr-2019 United States Tender For Portable and Hand Held Pocket Sized Ultrasound Unit
188818190420 20-Apr-2019 26-Apr-2019 United States Tender For Fixed and Portable Weather stations
213518190420 20-Apr-2019 22-Apr-2019 United States Tender For GNSS Bundles ( GPS handhelds, upgrades and training)
648818190420 20-Apr-2019 06-May-2019 China Tender For High-precision Differential GPS Handheld Receiver Purchase Project
981118190420 20-Apr-2019 22-Apr-2019 Yemen Tender For Procurement of X-ray Machine, Handheld Metal Detector and Supply,Installation of Insulation Materi
208418190419 19-Apr-2019 02-May-2019 India / West Bengal Tender For HANDHELD BRUSH CUTTER / LINE TRIMMER
360418190419 19-Apr-2019 25-Apr-2019 India / JAMMU & KASHMIR Tender For HANDHELD BRUSH CUTTER / LINE TRIMMER
1431618190419 19-Apr-2019 24-Apr-2019 Nigeria Tender For supply of satellite phones and handheld metal detectors
301418190418 18-Apr-2019 26-Apr-2019 India / ORISSA Tender For DSLR/ COMPACT / HANDHELD CAMCORDER or VIDEO CAMERAS
752718190418 18-Apr-2019 22-Apr-2019 Philippines Tender For PROCUREMENT OF SAFETY GEARS AND HANDHELD GPS
858018190418 18-Apr-2019 09-May-2019 Philippines Tender For Supply and Delivery of Parts for the Maintenance of Manpack and Handheld Tactical Radios of the PM
860418190418 18-Apr-2019 22-Apr-2019 Philippines Tender For Supply & delivery of ruggedize/industrial Portable Handheld PC-basic
1166218190418 18-Apr-2019 06-May-2019 Philippines Tender For Medical Equipments
1291818190418 18-Apr-2019 24-Apr-2019 Canada Tender For (1) Handheld Stump Grinder
1356718190418 18-Apr-2019 25-Apr-2019 India / CHANDIGARH Tender For SPARE / Add on Battery Packs for Transreceiver-Handheld
1513918190418 18-Apr-2019 22-Apr-2019 Philippines Tender For SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF MINI HANDHELD TILLER MACHINE
1526118190418 18-Apr-2019 23-Apr-2019 Philippines Tender For DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER- S19-04-008 2 , VIDEO RECORDER- S19-04-008 3 , COFFEE MAKER- S19-04-008 4 ,
1539918190418 18-Apr-2019 24-Apr-2019 Philippines Tender For DYSPHAGIA HANDHELD MACHINE
1551818190418 18-Apr-2019 25-Apr-2019 Philippines Tender For Procurement of Kitchen Laboratory Supplies and Materials

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