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Tenders For mobile application development

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
624116200224 24-Feb-2020 02-Apr-2020 Romania Tender For Network routers
625216200224 24-Feb-2020 N/A Slovenia Tender For Airport operation services
626316200224 24-Feb-2020 16-Mar-2020 Sweden Tender For Business and management consultancy and related services
649052200224 24-Feb-2020 19-Mar-2020 India / WEST BENGAL Tender For for "Development of Software for Customer Relationship Management
655718200224 24-Feb-2020 17-Mar-2020 Germany Tender For Development of a mobility development concept, traffic planning
877416200224 24-Feb-2020 23-Mar-2020 Germany Tender For Architectural, engineering and planning services
877516200224 24-Feb-2020 27-Mar-2020 Germany Tender For Business development consultancy services
878816200224 24-Feb-2020 25-Mar-2020 Bulgaria Tender For Construction work for gas pipelines
892216200224 24-Feb-2020 03-Apr-2020 France Tender For Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
898616200224 24-Feb-2020 06-May-2020 Italy Tender For consulting, software development, Internet and support
902816200224 24-Feb-2020 10-Mar-2020 Poland Tender For Engineering design services
911916200224 24-Feb-2020 20-Apr-2020 Belgium Tender For consulting, software development, Internet and support
912716200224 24-Feb-2020 23-Mar-2020 Hungary Tender For Feasibility study, advisory service, analysis
931016200224 24-Feb-2020 26-Mar-2020 Greece Tender For Software development services
988218200224 24-Feb-2020 29-Feb-2020 India / CHHATTISGARH Tender For Lot No: 14 Lot Name: Mobile Service unit Sub assly-Engine, gear box,chasis,, Lot Desc :Mobile Service unit Sub assly-Engine, gear box,chasis, diesel tank, suspension, Body air system, Dispensing unit & Cabin Unit. Unit No.: LT-3524 ,Quantity : 1 LO
995016200224 24-Feb-2020 16-Mar-2020 India / Assam Tender For Mobile Stroke Unit Ambulance equipped with CT Scanner and other relevant facilities
1003518200224 24-Feb-2020 04-Mar-2020 India / Jharkhand Tender For Lot No: 9.0 Lot Name: OLD MOBILE DRUM, Lot Desc :Old Mobile Drum (Iron) Approx. Qty. Per Year- 210 Pcs. HSN Code- 7204Qty. in Wt. per year is indicative in nature, which may vary. This auction is under RCM basis. GST is to be paid directly to conce
1021018200224 24-Feb-2020 06-Mar-2020 India / telangana Tender For Lot No: 1 Lot Name: Plot No.34, Sy.No.105/Part, Lot Desc :Plot bearingNo. 34, in Survey No. 105/Part Beside Kalyans Daimond valley apartments, Dollar Hills admeasuring 1000 Square Yards or equivalent to 836.00 Square Meters, Situated ,Quantity : 10
1021316200224 24-Feb-2020 29-Feb-2020 India / WEST BENGAL Tender For construction of concrete road From mobile tower to house of atunu maji construction of concrete road From mobile tower to house of atunu maji
1031918200224 24-Feb-2020 12-Mar-2020 India / BIHAR Tender For SITC of Multi camera mobile production facility OB Van

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