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Tenders For multi parameter water quality meter

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
901716190722 22-Jul-2019 31-Jul-2019 Poland Tender For Security software package
1014618190722 22-Jul-2019 26-Jul-2019 Poland Tender For Delivery of a general anesthesia device with monitoring of vital signs "
1021518190722 22-Jul-2019 29-Jul-2019 Poland Tender For plant protection products in the second half of 2019 qualitatively compliant with the Polish Stand
1038518190722 22-Jul-2019 30-Jul-2019 Poland Tender For Delivery, installation and commissioning of fire curtain with the minimum fire resistance paramete
1089516190722 22-Jul-2019 21-Aug-2019 Hungary Tender For Stacking machinery
1092716190722 22-Jul-2019 30-Jul-2019 Czech Republic Tender For Office supplies
1104616190722 22-Jul-2019 22-Aug-2019 Slovakia Tender For Radiodiagnostic devices
1114716190722 22-Jul-2019 02-Aug-2019 Poland Tender For Pharmaceutical products
1114816190722 22-Jul-2019 26-Aug-2019 Poland Tender For Desktop computer
1115316190722 22-Jul-2019 22-Aug-2019 Poland Tender For Blood-testing reagents
1115716190722 22-Jul-2019 28-Aug-2019 Poland Tender For Medical equipments
1117516190722 22-Jul-2019 N/A Poland Tender For Chemical reagents
1118716190722 22-Jul-2019 03-Sep-2019 Poland Tender For Central processing units for personal computers
1118916190722 22-Jul-2019 02-Sep-2019 Poland Tender For Portable computers
1123016190722 22-Jul-2019 N/A Poland Tender For Maintenance and repair of mainframe computers
1127216190722 22-Jul-2019 29-Aug-2019 Belgium Tender For Chemistry analyser
1127716190722 22-Jul-2019 21-Aug-2019 Belgium Tender For Defibrillator
1127816190722 22-Jul-2019 29-Jul-2019 Belgium Tender For Medical breathing devices
1140052190722 22-Jul-2019 29-Jul-2019 India / ORISSA Tender For Water Quality Meters / Analyzers
1172816190722 22-Jul-2019 02-Aug-2019 India / ANDHRA PRADESH Tender For Supply,fixing,installation and erection of 250 LPD solar water heating system with flat plate coll

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