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Tenders For polythene insurer

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
314052200314 16-Mar-2020 16-Apr-2020 France Refer Document. Tender For Supply of a plastic processing line
734816200314 16-Mar-2020 15-Apr-2020 India / Gujarat Refer Document. Tender For (P) :- Cleaning and disinfecting of under ground sump, Overhead tanks and PVC tanks through mechanical means under the jurisdiction of SSE(W)BRCP for balance qty ( Four times in one year)(For 22 Months)(Re-invited)(R-1)
1338816200314 16-Mar-2020 16-Apr-2020 United States Refer Document. Tender For Paper, Plastic and Custodial Supply
571216200313 13-Mar-2020 14-Apr-2020 Germany Refer Document. Tender For Extension of therapy and wellbeing center - facade of metal construction
571616200313 13-Mar-2020 21-Apr-2020 Germany EUR 11000 Tender For New dormitory and day care center
573116200313 13-Mar-2020 14-Apr-2020 Germany Refer Document. Tender For 20O70061 University of Leipzig, Faculty of Medicine, Institute building
574416200313 13-Mar-2020 23-Apr-2020 Germany Refer Document. Tender For BLH Alsterschwimmhalle swimming pool technology
585116200313 13-Mar-2020 16-Apr-2020 Poland Refer Document. Tender For Supply of containers for collection, storage and preparation of blood.
595616200313 13-Mar-2020 30-Apr-2020 France Refer Document. Tender For RD29 - PR 10 + 210 - La Garde - development of a roundabout with Sadi Carnot avenue - earthworks, sanitation, hcaussee
598116200313 13-Mar-2020 16-Apr-2020 France Refer Document. Tender For Supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance and spare parts for a plastic, PVC, Polycarbonate, and other plastic processing line
599216200313 13-Mar-2020 17-Apr-2020 France EUR 1200000 Tender For Acquisition and maintenance of HDPE baskets for the territory of the Metropole de Lyon
608116200313 13-Mar-2020 15-Apr-2020 Spain EUR 739331 Tender For File 044/2020-ssC-PORH: contract for the successive and continuous supply of tubes, cannulas and masks destined for all the services of the Consorci Mar Parc de Salut in Barcelona
949816200313 13-Mar-2020 15-Apr-2020 Poland Refer Document. Tender For Collection and management of municipal waste in the city of Gliwice
975716200313 13-Mar-2020 10-Apr-2020 United Kingdom Refer Document. Tender For Decontamination equipment
981016200313 13-Mar-2020 13-Apr-2020 Bulgaria BGN 4400 Tender For Design, delivery and installation of CCTV systems, fire alarm, security alarm system and perimeter security in Sevlievo Restoration of damaged elements of the technical infrastructure, destroyed as a result of emergency, current and major repairs,
981616200313 13-Mar-2020 15-Apr-2020 Bulgaria Refer Document. Tender For Supply of emergency brackets and universal couplings with gripping mechanism, universal couplings for connection with MS (ductile iron), steel, PVC, PE and ethereal, pipe, bolts, nuts, washers, studs, seals. and flanges
985816200313 13-Mar-2020 N/A Belgium Refer Document. Tender For Advance notice in conjunction with accreditation materials for project C-20-022: Framework agreement for the supply of PVC pipe materials, fittings and tensile joints
1030316200313 13-Mar-2020 15-Apr-2020 India / DELHI Refer Document. Tender For Polythene Insulated Polythene Sheathed Jelly filled Telephone Cable with Poly ALMoisture Barrier to RDSO Specification No. IRS TC-41/97 with Amendment No.1 to 3 or latest as on the date of opening of tender for different size.
1133016200313 13-Mar-2020 24-Apr-2020 India / DELHI Refer Document. Tender For LAMINATED SAFETY LOOK OUT GLASS WINDOW OF WAP-1 LOCOMOTIVES AS PER CLW DRG NO:01/4/35/74

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