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Tenders For racks

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
86118200323 23-Mar-2020 22-Apr-2020 Spain EUR 493637 Tender For Supply and installation of several systems of racks and mouse cages for the two stables of the Pablo de Olavide University, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Re
54418200320 20-Mar-2020 14-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 934068 Tender For supply and delivery of glasswares
348318200320 20-Mar-2020 08-Apr-2020 Bangladesh Refer Document. Tender For Establishment/ Replacement of Load Shares Transformer at 11 KV Feeder No 1, 4 and 13 in Chittagong Department installation of DOFC LA Gang Fuse Carrier Installation/ Replacement and Critical LT Line Change and Bundle Cable Change Separation and rec
495118200320 20-Mar-2020 14-Apr-2020 India / Karnataka Refer Document. Tender For Server racks with 2 nos. of IPDU
546052200320 20-Mar-2020 03-Apr-2020 India / DELHI Refer Document. Tender For Video Recorder for CCTV System,Networking/Server Rack,Camera for CCTV System,Installation & Commissi
710718200320 20-Mar-2020 05-Apr-2020 Israel Refer Document. Tender For Lock handle for luggage rack.
733918200320 20-Mar-2020 08-Apr-2020 China Refer Document. Tender For Frame and Roller Rack Accessories
848052200320 20-Mar-2020 15-Apr-2020 India / TAMIL NADU Refer Document. Tender For E-WASTE USED UNSERVICEABLE COMPUTER PERIPHERALS & OTHER OFFICE EQUIPMENTS: CRT Monitors, LCD Monitors, CPU, Server CPU, Key Boards
892218200320 20-Mar-2020 22-Apr-2020 Hungary Refer Document. Tender For Repair and maintenance services of boilers
1168818200320 20-Mar-2020 07-Apr-2020 India / MAHARASHTRA Refer Document. Tender For Rack Server
1463118200320 20-Mar-2020 30-Apr-2020 India / HARYANA Refer Document. Tender For Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Hydraulically operated Trash Rack Cleaning Machine (TRCM)
1584716200320 20-Mar-2020 15-Apr-2020 India / WEST BENGAL Refer Document. Tender For Repairing of toilet,and Construction Of Out Side Counter For Selling OF Forms, Supplying Of Ladder,Pallet, Door Mat, Steel Rack,Link Pad Lock (Only Store Department) Under Howrah Municipal Corporation.
1786916200320 20-Mar-2020 09-Apr-2020 India / ORISSA INR 22237000 Tender For 1.Handlooms and Handloom accessories (Hathkargha Samvardhan Sahayata) 2.Warping machine and Bobbin winding machine 3.Computerized Jacquard punching machine 4.Table/ Chair/ Almirah / Racks 5.Computer/ Printer 6.Open Vat Dyeing units with ETP etc
1800616200320 20-Mar-2020 07-Apr-2020 India / JAMMU & KASHMIR Refer Document. Tender For Procurement of Rack Segment, Pinions and Gear for BEML Bucyrus 182M Electric Rope shovel
2037716200320 20-Mar-2020 15-Apr-2020 India / Telangana Refer Document. Tender For WORK BENCH WITH WORK SUPPORT CHAIRS AND STORAGE RACKS
118918200319 19-Mar-2020 06-Apr-2020 Pakistan Refer Document. Tender For Supply of Steel Racks etc.
498052200319 19-Mar-2020 30-Apr-2020 India / HARYANA Refer Document. Tender For Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Hydraulically operated Trash Rack Cleaning Machine (TRCM)
893916200319 19-Mar-2020 06-Apr-2020 India / TELANGANA Refer Document. Tender For 5KVA Rack Mountable Rugged UPS
1014018200319 19-Mar-2020 08-Apr-2020 India / PONDICHERRY Refer Document. Tender For Networking/Server Rack
1046116200319 19-Mar-2020 21-Apr-2020 Poland Refer Document. Tender For Delivery of a closed, single-use system for aspiration and vacuum blood collection with the lease of an electronic reader for OB and stands for laboratory tubes, DZPUCK.262.035

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