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Tenders For rock wool

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
827416190524 24-May-2019 29-May-2019 Philippines Tender For Sets Tire Casing 195 x 14, 5 Sets Brake Pad 2 Set Brake Shoe 1 Sets Tire Rod End 2 Pcs Upper Ball
883216190524 24-May-2019 27-May-2019 Philippines Tender For Procurement of SPILL KIT (Chemical Treatment)
953216190524 24-May-2019 31-May-2019 Philippines Tender For PROCUREMENT OF SOIL TESTING/EXPLORATION
983116190524 24-May-2019 24-Jun-2019 China Tender For annual grid construction project soil and water conservation program framework
998816190524 24-May-2019 24-May-2019 China Tender For acceptance consulting service for water and soil conservation facilities of 110kV paddy field powe
1029816190524 24-May-2019 25-Jun-2019 Czech Republic Tender For Refuse and waste related services
1037116190524 24-May-2019 21-Jun-2019 Germany Tender For Secondary school construction work
1037416190524 24-May-2019 27-Jun-2019 Germany Tender For Underground work other than tunnels, shafts and subways
1060116190524 24-May-2019 28-Jun-2019 Poland Tender For Construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines
1073716190524 24-May-2019 26-Jun-2019 Germany Tender For Wall-covering and wall-papering work
1076216190524 24-May-2019 18-Jun-2019 Germany Tender For Construction work for bridges
1079016190524 24-May-2019 25-Jun-2019 Germany Tender For Services related to oil pollution
1084916190524 24-May-2019 27-Jun-2019 Germany Tender For Insulation work
1099516190524 24-May-2019 14-Jun-2019 India / DELHI Tender For TERM CONTRACT FOR ARTIFICER WORK IN ROCK VIEW AREA UNDER GE (AF) PALAM, CANTT-110010
1106816190524 24-May-2019 05-Jun-2019 India / MAHARASHTRA Tender For Cotton Wool non-absorbent pkt of 500g
1113416190524 24-May-2019 06-Jun-2019 India / UTTAR PRADESH Tender For To carryout soil testing and submission of report for Provision of storage Accommodation for MAFI
1258216190524 24-May-2019 05-Jun-2019 India / Jammu & Kashmir Tender For Survey, Soil Testing/Investigation, Engineering Design,Fabrication of LatticeTypeTower Structures,
1264116190524 24-May-2019 07-Jun-2019 India / Delhi Tender For M/o Hort. work at Residential and Non-Residential Buildings under Hort. Sub Division (Central and
1296016190524 24-May-2019 30-May-2019 India / CHHATTISGARH Tender For absorbent cotton wool
1347416190524 24-May-2019 07-Jun-2019 India / ASSAM Tender For blankets woolen dyed air force specification

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