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Tenders For safety shoes

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
69717200128 28-Jan-2020 11-Feb-2020 India / Orissa Tender For Supply Of Industrial Safety Shoes And Executive Style Full Shoes
78318200128 28-Jan-2020 17-Feb-2020 Philippines Tender For division evraa meet 2020 delegation uniforms
89918200128 28-Jan-2020 04-Feb-2020 Philippines Tender For Sand 12.76 cu.m.
122818200128 28-Jan-2020 31-Jan-2020 Philippines Tender For supply and delivery of safety shoes low cu
150718200128 28-Jan-2020 04-Feb-2020 Philippines Tender For purchase of raincoat, shoes & vest for cenro
159618200128 28-Jan-2020 04-Feb-2020 Philippines Tender For procurement, supply & delivery of rubber shoes
174118200128 28-Jan-2020 20-Feb-2020 Philippines Tender For shoes, socks and spike shoes for davraa meet 2020
228418200128 28-Jan-2020 04-Feb-2020 Philippines Tender For purchase of playing parada shoesand playing socks for use in the 2020
618052200128 28-Jan-2020 24-Feb-2020 India / CHHATTISGARH Tender For for Dairy equipment,animal ambulance,chemical,stationary,computer accessory Pas Cher Adidas Eqt S
635316200128 28-Jan-2020 25-Mar-2020 Slovenia Tender For Clothing, footwear, luggage articles and accessories
647718200128 28-Jan-2020 03-Feb-2020 Russian Federation Tender For for the Supply of other safety shoes (Obninsk)
834316200128 28-Jan-2020 17-Feb-2020 Norway Tender For Footwear
854718200128 28-Jan-2020 10-Feb-2020 India / BIHAR Tender For DISPOSAL OF UNSERVICEABLE STORE ITEMS (TENTS Tent `B` Tent `D` Tent `E` Tent `F` Tent `I` Tent `K`
1011716200128 28-Jan-2020 11-Feb-2020 India / ANDHRA PRADESH Tender For Supply of copper shoes for current collector of 125Amps suitable for shrouded type copper DSL line
1301716200128 28-Jan-2020 06-Feb-2020 India / KARNATAKA Tender For Physical Training Shoes - IAF
466318200127 27-Jan-2020 31-Jan-2020 India / Maharashtra Tender For Lot No: 3 PCB GRP :[Used Spent/Burnt Oil/Used Lube Oil/Used Engine Oil] Lot Name: Oil/grease soake
675218200127 27-Jan-2020 31-Jan-2020 Belarus Tender For Overalls and footwear
1207416200127 27-Jan-2020 05-Feb-2020 India / Madhya Pradesh Tender For Shoes Leather Oxford DMS
1237816200127 27-Jan-2020 04-Feb-2020 India / MEGHALAYA Tender For Physical Training Shoes - IAF
1267716200127 27-Jan-2020 04-Feb-2020 India / Rajasthan Tender For Shoes Canvas Rubber sole - JSS Specification

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