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Tenders For shifting furniture

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
32017200603 03-Jun-2020 26-Jun-2020 United States Refer Document. Tender For USAGM Thailand Transmitting Station Transportation Services View Tender Detail
326917200603 03-Jun-2020 02-Jul-2020 India / West Bengal INR 23268291 Tender For 25 KV OHE and allied electrical works in connection with "Replacement of badly damaged/badly leaned, failure prone OHE Masts over Division (Phase-II)". View Tender Detail
722417200603 03-Jun-2020 08-Jun-2020 India / Gujarat Refer Document. Tender For shifting of tools, materials, machineries, files documents and furniture available in office, workshop trades View Tender Detail
1156917200603 03-Jun-2020 08-Jun-2020 India / Gujarat Refer Document. Tender For shifting of equipment s, tools and furniture of following item. View Tender Detail
861817200601 01-Jun-2020 10-Jun-2020 India / WEST BENGAL INR 1000000 Tender For Shifting of New & unserviceable machineries, furniture`s etc.. Civil Works for Construction of Machine foundation at workshop building of Fitter and Welder Trade. Supply & laying of wires/ Cables, fitting & fixing of Electrical Installations worksh View Tender Detail
264217200529 29-May-2020 01-Jul-2020 Germany Refer Document. Tender For 20O40235; State Criminal Police Office Dresden, accommodation KTI, TBM2, new building View Tender Detail
265317200529 29-May-2020 30-Jun-2020 Germany Refer Document. Tender For Metal construction and locksmith work, sheet steel doors View Tender Detail
269917200529 29-May-2020 30-Jun-2020 Germany Refer Document. Tender For Purchase of laboratory containers with interior equipment and installation and installation of the container system View Tender Detail
270117200529 29-May-2020 02-Jul-2020 Germany Refer Document. Tender For Expansion of the InnKlinikum Altotting - new building north - 207_1-2010-01 loose furniture View Tender Detail
270317200529 29-May-2020 25-Jun-2020 Germany EUR 3641000 Tender For Delivery of office furniture View Tender Detail
271717200529 29-May-2020 10-Jun-2020 Germany Refer Document. Tender For Research and testing facilities construction work View Tender Detail
272517200529 29-May-2020 07-Jul-2020 Germany Refer Document. Tender For Framework contract for wall-mounted display cabinets View Tender Detail
273117200529 29-May-2020 07-Jul-2020 Germany EUR 335000 Tender For Delivery of a TLF 3000 tank fire engine with relay crew for the community of Sankt Englmar View Tender Detail
276517200529 29-May-2020 26-Jun-2020 Italy EUR 5140734 Tender For Reopening of terms. Award via projet financing, with the right of pre-emption by the promoter, of the concession for the definitive / executive design, construction and subsequent gestures View Tender Detail
281917200529 29-May-2020 N/A Spain Refer Document. Tender For Cleaning service of the offices of the Public Entity of Tax Services of the Principality of Asturias View Tender Detail
287317200529 29-May-2020 03-Jul-2020 Poland Refer Document. Tender For Supply of medical apparatus and equipment for equipping the Brachytherapy Department and the Hematology Department as part of the project entitled Prospective full-profile oncology ... (COZL / DZP / AW / 3411 / PN-87/20) View Tender Detail
289117200529 29-May-2020 07-Jul-2020 Poland Refer Document. Tender For Construction works involving the adaptation of Creative Work House in Kazimierz Dolny to the applicable fire and sanitary regulations together with the renovation of sanitary installations View Tender Detail
289317200529 29-May-2020 01-Jul-2020 Poland PLN 2445643 Tender For Procedure 24/2020 - Reconstruction and thermo-modernization of the PSM building of the 1st degree Stanislaw Moniuszko in Ciechanow View Tender Detail
294417200529 29-May-2020 30-Jun-2020 Bulgaria BGN 1730000 Tender For Delivery, installation, integration, commissioning and warranty support of a complex conference audio-video system for techn. securing the plenary sessions in the Plenary and Conference Halls View Tender Detail
294717200529 29-May-2020 01-Jul-2020 Bulgaria BGN 30987 Tender For Delivery of chemical paper for the needs of the Printing Base - Ministry of Interior View Tender Detail
310917200529 29-May-2020 26-Jun-2020 India / DELHI INR 22113932 Tender For Face lifting of Delhi area stations with vinyl painting on exteriors and interiors under Sr. DEN/Works View Tender Detail
314317200529 29-May-2020 23-Jun-2020 India / Gujarat INR 13225102 Tender For Out sourcing of track maintenance activities under jurisdiction of Sr Section Engineer (P.Way) Patan for one year. View Tender Detail
314417200529 29-May-2020 18-Jun-2020 India / Uttar Pradesh INR 30093340 Tender For "(A) Modification/shifting of Existing over head platforms lighting system & etc by under ground cabling pole lighting at different railway station due to Rail Electrification works i.e. Indara, Lar Road, Khurhat, Muhhamadabad, Sathiao, Sarai rani, View Tender Detail
315117200529 29-May-2020 17-Jun-2020 India / Maharashtra INR 4570664 Tender For Casting of OHE foundation, mast erection, other OHE works and cable laying in Kurla district of Division. View Tender Detail
318017200529 29-May-2020 24-Jun-2020 India / TAMIL NADU INR 288462561 Tender For Project Management Consultancy Services for Railway Electrification work (EPC-7) of Design, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of 25kV, 50 Hz, single phase electrification works (OHE, TSS, SCADA & Electric General, S and Civil Engineering View Tender Detail
319717200529 29-May-2020 19-Jun-2020 India / Uttar Pradesh INR 3040102 Tender For Mechanized washing & pressing of linen of running Room Agra Cantt. & Idgah for Two Years. View Tender Detail
321217200529 29-May-2020 08-Jun-2020 India / Uttar Pradesh INR 406357393 Tender For facilities for Uni-directional flow of Wagons at Jhansi Workshop. View Tender Detail
321317200529 29-May-2020 01-Jul-2020 India / Uttar Pradesh INR 127625968 Tender For Mechanized Coach Cleaning on Pit Lines, Premises Cleaning of Coaching Depot and Garbage Disposal from Pit Lines of New Coaching Depot GKP for the period of 04 years. View Tender Detail
323617200529 29-May-2020 09-Jun-2020 India / TAMIL NADU INR 27958184 Tender For Works Contract for Carrying out Complete Interior Furnishing work (Mechanical) involving Flooring, Partition Panelling, Ceiling, RMPU Trough installation, Plumbing and Installation of Interior fittings works in LWFAC, LWCBAC and LWFCWAC Coaches. View Tender Detail
323717200529 29-May-2020 09-Jun-2020 India / TAMIL NADU INR 67610375 Tender For Works Contract for Carrying out Complete Interior Furnishing work (Mechanical) involving Flooring, Partition Panelling, Ceiling, RMPU Trough installation, Plumbing and Installation of Interior fittings works in LWACCN Coaches. View Tender Detail
324017200529 29-May-2020 09-Jun-2020 India / TAMIL NADU INR 25974545 Tender For Works Contract for Carrying out Interior Furnishing work (Mechanical) for LWACCW and LHB AC Chair Car Coaches. View Tender Detail
324317200529 29-May-2020 08-Jun-2020 India / Uttar Pradesh INR 197611986 Tender For Out Sourcing of comprehensive Housekeeping & Mechanized cleaning at Chhapra Junction(CPR) Station including platforms, yard, washable aprons, Tracks, office buildings, reservation office, concourse area, circulating area, waiting halls, washing pit View Tender Detail
326817200529 29-May-2020 25-Jun-2020 India / Maharashtra INR 9982329 Tender For Badlapur - Vangni - Shifting of RH1 and RH2 relay huts to new location to avoid flooding in vulnerable flood locations. View Tender Detail
328717200529 29-May-2020 23-Jun-2020 India / MAHARASHTRA INR 50832837 Tender For Mechanised Handling of booked Parcels and Luggage packages at CSMT Railway station, which includes loading / unloading from SLRs / SLRDs/ LWLRRMs/ Brake Vans / AGC of all available Express, Passenger trains, Stacking and Shifting as per instruction View Tender Detail
329617200529 29-May-2020 19-Jun-2020 India / Uttar Pradesh INR 3040102 Tender For Mechanized washing & pressing of linen of running Room Agra Cantt. & Idgah for Two Years. View Tender Detail
332052200529 29-May-2020 04-Jun-2020 Cote D'ivoire Refer Document. Tender For Acquisition of furniture View Tender Detail
333217200529 29-May-2020 23-Jun-2020 India / Rajasthan INR 21939896 Tender For Shifting of railway quarters in connection with construction of ROB ON LC-136 at Lalgarh under ADEN/HQ/BKN. View Tender Detail
335317200529 29-May-2020 18-Jun-2020 India / Maharashtra INR 19047198 Tender For Sec. Repairs to p.way under SSE(Valsad) Section for 12month. View Tender Detail
338817200529 29-May-2020 30-Jun-2020 India / MADHYA PRADESH INR 22859062 Tender For Design, supply,erection, testing, commissioning and modification of 25 KV, AC 50HZ OHE electrification system in relation with shifting of existing Railway line in connection with submergence of Railway track in Guna- Maksi section of Bhopal Divisi View Tender Detail
339717200529 29-May-2020 24-Jun-2020 India / Punjab INR 617134 Tender For Shifting of pole mounted Jn. box of periphery poles towards outside of periphery and replacement of defective cable in Workshop Area RCF KXH. View Tender Detail
339817200529 29-May-2020 08-Jun-2020 India / DELHI INR 83702293 Tender For Tender Schedule for the work of "S work (Indoor & Outdoor) for provision of Distributed Electronic Interlocking at MUNDAHAL KALAN and GARHI stations alongwith block working and associated telecom work in c/w New rail line between Rohtak - Meham - H View Tender Detail
344317200529 29-May-2020 26-Jun-2020 India / MAHARASHTRA INR 47047860 Tender For Design, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of SCADA between PRTN-DB- CTD,MYG-SMLA,DB-CDD-KEVADIYA section on BRC Divn of Western Railway View Tender Detail
344617200529 29-May-2020 24-Jun-2020 India / DELHI INR 2133946 Tender For Provision of Analog PAE in Conference Hall in Rail Bhawan. View Tender Detail
345217200529 29-May-2020 23-Jun-2020 India / Madhya Pradesh INR 11703161 Tender For Loading & unloading of Loco Pilot`s & Guard`s line box at BIN station/yard and Mahadevkhedi station in Loco cab/Brake Van including shifting from/to box room to AC/Diesel Loco/ Brake Van for 730 days. View Tender Detail
346717200529 29-May-2020 24-Jun-2020 India / Uttar pradesh INR 5488553 Tender For Works contract for interior Mechanical Furnishings & Fittings in LHB type power car (LWLRRM) coaches with FIAT Bogies as per scope of work for financial year 2020-21. View Tender Detail
349117200529 29-May-2020 11-Jun-2020 India / Gujarat INR 1739515 Tender For Providing, Renovation and furniture work to Deputy Executive Engineer Irrigation Sub -Division No.2 Narmada Water resources,Water supply and Kalpsar Department Floor No.6 Block No.7 Bahumali Bhavan View Tender Detail
349417200529 29-May-2020 11-Jun-2020 India / Gujarat INR 3732133 Tender For S. R. to Electric Division and sub Division at ( Roof repairing, furniture Grill, civil work) View Tender Detail
356517200529 29-May-2020 04-Jun-2020 India / Gujarat Refer Document. Tender For C.R. to Asphalt and Road furnishing works of various Road and Kawant taluka Dist. View Tender Detail
356717200529 29-May-2020 10-Jun-2020 India / Gujarat INR 1723063 Tender For Providing, Commissioning, Testing and Shifting with commissioning and Testing of LT Panels from Basement to Ground Floor at Corporate office, Vadodara. View Tender Detail
358052200529 29-May-2020 08-Jun-2020 India / WEST BENGAL Refer Document. Tender For PROCUREMENT OF OFFICE FURNITURE FOR STATE DATA CENTRE View Tender Detail

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