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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
678616190917 17-Sep-2019 30-Sep-2019 India / Maharashtra Tender For Survey and Investigation for Dimbhe Manikdoh Link Tunnel
749216190917 17-Sep-2019 30-Sep-2019 Belgium Tender For Construction work for bridges and tunnels, shafts and subways
877052190917 17-Sep-2019 26-Sep-2019 India / JHARKHAND Tender For for technological cleaning of scale flushing tunnel during Capital Repair of HSM
882516190917 17-Sep-2019 29-Oct-2019 France Tender For Surface work for roads
887418190917 17-Sep-2019 02-Oct-2019 Germany Tender For B 29, Enclosure of company building East - Unicorn Tunnel Schwabisch Gmund
894816190917 17-Sep-2019 17-Oct-2019 France Tender For Cleaning services
913616190917 17-Sep-2019 23-Oct-2019 Italy Tender For Tunnel operation services
913816190917 17-Sep-2019 05-Nov-2019 Italy Tender For Railway construction works
995116190917 17-Sep-2019 27-Sep-2019 India / Jammu & Kashmir Tender For Supply of Loop Wire for Low Tunnel Green House
1010018190917 17-Sep-2019 30-Sep-2019 Poland Tender For TUNNEL REPAIR UNDER TRACK PKP STONE SOPOT POT
1032316190917 17-Sep-2019 28-Sep-2019 India / Tamil Nadu Tender For TTPS Mech II AHP Attending breakdown maintenance works in Unit I II III Heat exchanger discharge p
1085318190917 17-Sep-2019 16-Sep-2019 Nepal Tender For Construction of Exploratory Tunnels & Connecting Road
1133916190917 17-Sep-2019 28-Sep-2019 India / TAMIL NADU Tender For TTPS - Mech.II - AHP - Attending breakdown maintenance works in Unit I, II & III Heat exchanger di
1453816190917 17-Sep-2019 30-Sep-2019 India / Telangana Tender For WIND TUNNEL TESTING OF STAR LAUNCH VEHICLE CONFIGURATION MODEL
1466816190917 17-Sep-2019 14-Oct-2019 India / HARYANA Tender For Construction of Access roads to Project Dam Site, Left Bank Road Network, Dibang Bridges, Dam site
1548918190917 17-Sep-2019 27-Sep-2019 China Tender For Automatic boarding machine (test)(15),Outer Figure Pre-treatment,Deburring machine,Leveling machin
1553018190917 17-Sep-2019 15-Oct-2019 China Tender For Form and position data acquisition system,Concrete ultrasonic tomography scanner,Vehicle-mounted g
1599118190917 17-Sep-2019 03-Oct-2019 Pakistan Tender For Construction of Screen House/ Plastic Tunnel, Storage/Implement and Vehicle Parking Shed
1627018190917 17-Sep-2019 07-Oct-2019 Ireland Tender For Mohill Playground Upgrade - Mohill Playground Upgrade

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