bdl Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
1353416160726 26-Jul-2016 08-Aug-2016 India / TELANGANA Laying of CC Road
1061416160720 20-Jul-2016 26-Jul-2016 India / ORISSA for supply of Mise. Consumables Materials PLUG IN ALL-OUT /GOODKNIGHT MACHINE WITH LIQUID 35ML 25
2235016160726 26-Jul-2016 01-Aug-2016 United States HVAC MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS - ADMIN BDLG
1168616160719 19-Jul-2016 30-Jul-2016 India / Andhra Pradesh Lot No: 02 PCB GRP :[Used Batteries/Lead Acid Batteries/Lead Acid Cells & Lead Scrap] Lot Name: 20

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