bharat dynamics limited Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
1449318160205 05-Feb-2016 16-Feb-2016 India / JHARKHAND Complete Repairing of tugger Viswa make of 6 pit Bararee Colliery.
1164218160205 05-Feb-2016 24-Feb-2016 India / JHARKHAND CAPACITOR
1162818160205 05-Feb-2016 15-Feb-2016 India / JHARKHAND Complete Repairing of 400 Amps GEC make OCB Switch 550 volt main controlling
1161718160205 05-Feb-2016 10-Feb-2016 India / JHARKHAND Repair and maintenance with roof repairing work in qtr
1161018160205 05-Feb-2016 10-Feb-2016 India / JHARKHAND Repairing and maintenance in the qtr
1160318160205 05-Feb-2016 10-Feb-2016 India / JHARKHAND Repair and maintenance with roof repairing work in c type qtr of Mr P Sinha Engg EKRA work shop/st
605518160205 05-Feb-2016 16-Mar-2016 Bulgaria Refuse and waste related services
601918160205 05-Feb-2016 12-Apr-2016 Norway Network infrastructure
601218160205 05-Feb-2016 15-Mar-2016 Norway Architectural, engineering and planning services
599418160205 05-Feb-2016 31-Mar-2016 Finland Public road transport services
589418160205 05-Feb-2016 25-Feb-2016 Sweden Hire of industrial vehicles with driver
586918160205 05-Feb-2016 15-Mar-2016 Italy System for recording attendance
576918160205 05-Feb-2016 15-Mar-2016 Poland Pharmaceutical products
564418160205 05-Feb-2016 15-Mar-2016 France Planting and maintenance services of green areas
563718160205 05-Feb-2016 14-Mar-2016 France Bicycles
560118160205 05-Feb-2016 14-Mar-2016 Belgium Furniture
557118160205 05-Feb-2016 29-Mar-2016 Germany Police cars
555318160205 05-Feb-2016 22-Mar-2016 Germany Natural gas
554618160205 05-Feb-2016 21-Mar-2016 Germany Rescue vehicles
553918160205 05-Feb-2016 18-Mar-2016 Germany Accommodation, building and window cleaning services

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